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Core consumer prices, which the United States in September, more than 2% less than expected but the 11th consecutive month

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
September CPI of record five months in the United States, primarily for gasoline and housing rental prices. However, the core CPI fell short of expectations.

the U. S. labor department said on Tuesday, according to data from the United States on September CPI rose 0. 3%, 0. 3%, the first value of 0. 2%; 1 year before. 5%, the largest increase since October 2014, in line with expectations, higher than 1. 1% of the former value. This suggests that the slow rising inflation, provides a basis for the fed to raise interest rates.

excluding energy and food prices of core CPI rose in September 2. More than 2%, the 11th consecutive month the inflation target set by the federal reserve, 2 higher than expected. 3%, lower than in August 2. 3% of the high level in 6 month. Core CPI rose 0. 1%, 0. 2%, the same below 0. 3% of the former value.

Reuters commented that are not likely to change the market core CPI growth is slowing in September on expectations the fed will raise interest rates in December.

in the 12 months to September CPI accelerated 1. 5%, the biggest year-on-year growth since October 2014.

September CPI data after the release of the United States, the dow Jones industrial average rose 100 points, the s&p 500 and nasdaq added 15 points and 39 points respectively.
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