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Create a security standardization team improve safety management ability

by:Deyuan      2020-07-30
To strengthen the safety production management enterprise, in May 2017 to October, longevity and the supervision and administration of production safety economic and technological development zone management committee organization carried out by the open area located enterprises 'safety standardization team' to create activities. After the evaluation experts, safety bureau for examination and assessment of relevant personnel strictly, December 11, 2017, longevity, the economic and technological development zone management committee office articles published appraisal results, my company technology center, the group won the title of 'good team', grouping, eight workshop class, sewage treatment team won the title of 'qualified team'. On December 26, 2017, the company li, deputy general manager, deputy general manager zhang total award for the winning team, and congratulations on the team's honor, surely everyone's contribution in the construction of safety standardization team and leading role. Encourage everyone to continue to work hard, honor to do more contribution to the company.
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