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Critical moment citi ascension trump PuSheng choice probability

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
According to citigroup, as U. S. republican candidate trump ( DonaldTrump) A 40% chance of winning the election, investors in preparation for the hike, the final quarter of this year gold will be bumpy.

according to citigroup issued a commodity, the report said the bank would trump win over Hillary Clinton won the probability of from 35% to 40%, gold and foreign exchange market volatility will increase. The bank said, by the end of the federal reserve is likely to be will only raise interest rates again. Bloomberg reported the latest polls show that on Monday, On September 26th) Later, before the first presidential debate trump and Hillary Clinton are at an impasse.

the low interest rate environment support, so far in 2016, gold has surged by 26%, while the previous three annual average recorded down. Political uncertainty also makes the gold by some support, the support a referendum to leave the eu also stimulated the safe-haven demand. Including Singapore DBS bank ( DBSGroupHoldingsLtd。 ) , forecasters said the U. S. presidential election is likely to make gold prices rose, supported by concerns about the potential impact of trump wins.

” The United States before the election, polls began tightening, citi increased the probability of winning trump, & throughout; The bank said in a report, & other; Our trump election is expected to lead to higher volatility, gold and foreign exchange market that will ultimately lead to other precious metals trading volume increase. ”

the U. S. plate, spot gold trading near $1340 / ounce mark. Citigroup is expected after three months gold futures will rise to $1350 an ounce, but 6 to 12 months fell to $1270 an ounce. Based on the bank's basic situation, the final quarter of gold trading to $1320 an ounce level, and the bull market situation, including a chance of winning trump, gold will climb to $1425 an ounce.

Michael bloomberg, the latest polls show the republican party and the two democratic candidates, every voter support (46%), while cases, including third-party candidate trump and Hillary Clinton's approval rating at 43% and 41% respectively.

as non-traditional candidate, controversial, outspoken trump in battle with the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton showed great toughness. He attacked the American trade policy, and threatened to build walls in the us-mexico border.

the two candidates are in hempstead debate at hofstra university to prepare, this debate is expected to is one of the most-watched program in the history of the United States. According to the website RealClearPolitics, Hillary leading 2 trump. 5%.

” Citigroup is basic scene, such as Hillary Clinton was elected and the continuation of the majority of policy, this will allow the United States and the global economic growth expectations relatively unchanged, & throughout; The bank pointed out, and describe the American election said & other; More and more weird & throughout; 。

” But winning trump is a wildcard, citigroup is expected to take off the European uncertainty, and other events in the UK and lingering situation, it could limit the rest of the year of global economic growth prospects. ”
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