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Custom type high borosilicate glass material extraction tower experiments with rotary table

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
Rotary extraction tower belongs to the mechanical stirring extraction tower, it is made up of oil and water separator ( Up, down) , the tower body, the turntable system, feeding system, discharge system of five most researchers in the process of using only material can be ready to experiment. Traditional experimental extraction tower glass is generally selected materials, 304, 316 stainless steel, etc. , in order to more convenient customer use, tianyi extraction research custom out high borosilicate glass material turntable extraction tower.

a, custom high borosilicate glass material experiment with rotary table extraction Tate points:

the device and oil-water separator for whole high borosilicate glass material, not only has good corrosion resistance, and convenient for observation in the process of using material liquid flows within the tower, not only meet the demand of scientific research personnel of the experiment, also met the researchers can be fully observed its internal structure and extraction separation process of two phase materials. At the same time, the equipment is made of stainless steel square tube fixed, appearance beautiful, strong and durable.

2, extraction tower operating principle:

in the process of operation, from the bottom into the oil phase, from the top of the tower overflow; Water from the top of the tower to join, derived from the bottom; The reverse flow in the tower. In the middle of the tower is extraction period, both ends are separate section, respectively for the dispersed phase droplet condensation stratification, as well as the continuous phase of micro droplet settling separation.

3, equipment sketch:

4, equipment technical parameters:

zhengzhou days extraction technology co. , LTD. The main extraction equipment and mixing equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and related supporting construction project contracting. Products used in fine chemicals, wet metallurgy, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields. Its research and development production of rotary extraction tower cover an area of an area small, low maintenance cost; Processing capacity big, suitable for continuous production; High efficiency, small amount of solvent retention. At the same time a variety of materials can be customized extraction equipment, dedicated to every customer to provide a full range of technical solutions.
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