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CWL - M centrifugal extractor wet from the extract of copper, sulfur, copper sulfate solution

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
Extracting copper from copper sulfate solution, sulfur elements such as operating methods, each method has its own characteristics and shortcomings, how to choose the suitable operation process is the key to improve the extraction rate.

zhengzhou recent days extraction Li Gong received a customer consultation, the customer want to extract copper from copper sulfate solution, sulfur elements, details are as follows:

copper content: 20% sulfur content
: 26%
capacity: 100000 tons a year wool
the original craft: the customer use foreign fire before

before the customers is a method to extract, but the operating process is complicated, the extraction rate is not high, has the entrainment, cost is higher, so hope to carry on the improvement of technology, understand the wet extraction process.

in combination with the customer, our company develop extraction solvent extraction, solvent extraction method is the more widely used liquid-liquid extraction method, solvent extraction advantage lies in:

1, the solvent extraction method is simple operation, combined with centrifugal extraction machine for better efficacy.

2, solvent extraction, extraction of high efficiency, less entrainment, capacity is bigger.

3, extracting agent price is relatively cheap, late recycled recycling, save customer input costs.

at the request of customers, our company provide CWL50 - M experimental centrifugal extraction machine experiment operation, according to customer's material system to choose the appropriate extraction agent, the copper sulfate solution and extraction agent according to certain proportion into the centrifugal extraction machine, rely on the equipment of the centrifugal force effect, liquid two phase separation of mixed fast, effective extraction of organic matter, the customers are very satisfied with experimental results.

now the client has made industrial equipment type selection, and has set up a production equipment operation is stable and simple operation, high extraction efficiency. Industrial equipment was conducted on the basis of experimental results, if any customer want to know in detail, can contact the zhengzhou days extraction, we will provide you with a full range of technical services!
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