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CWL - N laboratory centrifugal extraction machine containing phenol wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
CWL - N laboratory centrifugal extraction machine processing waste water containing phenol
multilevel cross-flow, it refers to the raw material and with flow extraction agent. In the Aspen Plus simulation software can create simple multilevel cross-flow extraction process, level 3 cross-flow extraction, for example, figure 5. A flow chart for it.

in figure 5. 1 of 3 cross-flow extraction process on the basis of the prescribed temperature 20 ℃, the volume of the oil phase and water phase 3. 1, in order to simulate wastewater ( Solute for phenol and o-cresol, m-cresol, BHT, phenol C6H6O mass concentration of 4192. 2 mg/L, o-cresol C7H8O - 01 mass concentration of 555 mg/L, m-cresol C7H8O - 02 mass concentration of 358. 5 mg/L, BHT C7H8O - 03 mass concentration of 286. 9mg/L) Butyl acetate as raw material to liquid, simulation Yun extraction process of phenolics. The process requirement for thermal insulation, concrete simulated data listed in table 5. 1

the table 5. 1, after 3 cross-flow extraction phenol concentration in water for 86. 398 mg/L, o-cresol concentration for 98. 22 mg/L, m-cresol concentration for 109. 4 mg/L, the concentration of cresol is 1. 12 mg/L; Oil phase phenol concentration for 12209. 73 mg/L o-cresol concentration for 1359. 216 mg/L, m-cresol concentration for 741. Concentration of 8545 mg/L, BHT for 849. 7098 mg/L。 After 3 cross-flow extraction concentration of phenol in water phase relative to the feed solution greatly reduced, at the same time of o-cresol, m-cresol and cresol, especially to the cresol concentration also has a corresponding range reduced.
in this paper, by using solvent extraction on extraction experiment, at the same time using Aspen Plus chemical process simulation software for simulation analysis of the experimental data, the oil shale distillation of phenol waste water produced in the process of producing shale oil of o-cresol, m-cresol and cresol in the further study on the effects of phenol extraction. The following conclusions:
( 1) When simulated wastewater of methyl phenol, phenol extraction rate is lower than the methyl phenol does not exist, the change tendency by increased with the decrease of the water oil compared to first increases then decreases, and when the water oil than 3:1. With three methyl phenol extraction rate decreases with the decrease of the water compared to oil as the main trend, the influence of temperature is small. The same conditions, the order of the size effect on phenol extraction is m-cresol> o-cresol> BHT. When the phenol and m-cresol was simulated wastewater of solute, compared in the experimental range of temperature, and go to the factory of the AME butyl acetate extraction ability of removing phenol are stronger than vinegar. When phenol and cresol is to simulate solute of wastewater, the temperature below 25 ℃ under the TAME compared the extraction effect is better than that of butyl acetate and cool, higher than 25 ℃, on the other hand. This paper studies the shale oil in waste water containing phenol of o-cresol, m-cresol and cresol influence on phenol extraction, to extract shale oil at the same time several phenol in waste water containing phenol lays the foundation of industrialization, also provides a data basis for the process of optimization.
      ( 2) Using Aspen Plus chemical process simulation software to NRTL equation for the model equation, to use the TAME cool/butyl acetate extraction analysis to simulate the process of phenol in waste water containing phenol, at 200 c, TAME extraction, the rate of phenol extraction experiments and simulation error to an average of 5. 35%, the average error 6 for cresol extraction rate. Average error 98%, m-cresol extraction rate is 9. 3%} Cool butyl acetate extraction, phenol extraction rate experiments and simulation error to an average of 4. 616%, the average error 6 o-cresol extraction rate. 9%, the average error 6 for cresol extraction rate. Average error 28%, m-cresol extraction rate of 4. 95% o good experimental and simulation data correlation.
      ( 3) Studied the fault, counter-current separation performance of the three-stage extraction process. Level 3 counter-current extraction water and oil phase volume ratio of 3:1 and tertiary cross-flow extraction of water and oil phase volume ratio of 1:1 phenol and a similar tomb of phenol in export concentration in water phase; Level 3 cross-flow extraction of water and oil phase volume ratio of 3:1 phenol and methyl phenol in the outlet water phase concentration is greater than that of three-stage countercurrent extraction water and oil phase volume concentration ratio of 3:1. In a nutshell, countercurrent extraction dephenolizing effect than cross-flow extraction dephenolizing effect is good.
      ( 4) In the tower of extraction on extraction dephenolizing test sensitivity analysis, temperature, water and oil phase volume ratio, the number of plate, the plate efficiency effect on the extraction experiment. Experiments show that when a cool butyl acetate as the extraction agent, phenol and o-cresol, m-cresol and cresol extraction rate increases with the reduction of water compared to oil and reduced after rising first, along with the rise of temperature gradually weakened, but change much; By analyzing the effects of various factors on the extraction and the drum optimal conditions for suitable extraction dephenolizing ( Compared with 3, the oil and water temperature 20 ℃, plate number 5, plate efficiency 0. 9) , under the optimal conditions of phenol, o-cresol, m-cresol and BHT to solute the feed for extractive tower simulation, simulated wastewater flow of water phase extraction tower phenol content is about 0. 2829 mg/L, and meet the relevant national standards, BHT content is 0. 000947 mg/L, o-cresol and m-cresol content also has a corresponding amplitude reduced after extraction.
to sum up, in the waste water of o-cresol, m-cresol and cresol, makes the phenol extraction effect affected, cannot achieve the same conditions only containing phenol in waste water extraction effect. If you want a better extraction as a result, the need to increase the number of extraction tower plate, improve the efficiency of tower tray, looking for phenol and methyl phenol extraction effect better extraction agent, etc.

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