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cwl type centrifugal extraction machine application in the pharmaceutical industry

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
Extraction separation devices used in extraction of liquid-liquid separation process of the equipment. . cwl type centrifugal extraction machine is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to carry on the extraction process of liquid-liquid separation.
. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, it has to do with approximately the same structure of disc centrifuge for liquid-liquid separation, mainly made up of motor driving drum, outside shell and pipe. The structure of the drum, the drum is a set of nested together with each other, more conical disc thickness of 0. 3 to 0. 4 mm, cone apex Angle of about 60 ~ 100 °. Left a small space between the disc and the disc, the minimum of 0. 3 mm, maximum to 10 mm, with 0. 8 - 1. 5 mm is more commonly used. Disc of the spacing of the three stainless steel by welding on the disc thickness. Still have several holes on the disc, the uniform distribution on the two different radius of concentric circles, when the disc stack together, can the opening up and down complicity form inside and outside two vertical channels, these channels is the import mixture into the disc. The position of the hole, and selects the inner ring and outer ring channel feeding in operation depends on the proportion of the mixture of light and heavy liquid, if heavy liquid product is greater than the lighter fluid, with inner ring, namely that a circle near the axis of the channel, on the other hand, with the outer ring, namely channel near the drum peripheral. A change in the channel by changing the bottom of a disc, the disc is called material liquid distribution plate. Disc on the bottom of the there are two types, each type of disc just a circle hole, formed a disc the same position as the top of the inner ring channel or outer channel alignment.
operation, mixture by feeding tube located in the center of the drum into the drum, down to the bottom, from the bottom of a disc, namely the material liquid distribution plate of opening to the above, and then upward through the disc. When the mixture through the gaps in the q of the disc, due to the effect of centrifugal force and the density difference exists between the light and heavy liquid, outward moving between heavy liquid in disc, light fluid is under heavy liquid is crowded along the disc to move in the middle. Light flow of fluid between the disc summary in the annular space and around the feeding tube was extrusion, heavy liquid is concentrated in the drum wall, finally over the tilt of the drum cover.
the role of the disc is shortening the distance between the settlement of each component, enlarge the subsidence area of drum, drum in the separator can be greatly improved by the installation disc production capacity. Disc centrifuge has great capacity of production, fast separation, liquid-liquid separation with good effect. Therefore they are widely used in the production process of antibiotics, such as penicillin extraction process. The equipment fault is if the separation of material liquid contains some solid residue, the residue easily between disc and drum lateral accumulation, can only rely on artificial drum apart to clean after downtime, otherwise no afraid to separate. A few batch of raw material liquid solid content is higher, or even to open every batch of drum cleaning, on the one hand, increase the intensity of labor, on the other hand, due to more solid accumulated in the drum, would also reduce the two liquid phase separation effect. So the disc centrifuge is suitable for the extraction process of raw material liquid solids precipitation or less solid content in the liquid-liquid separation operation step.
in terms of function, pharmaceutical. cwl centrifugal extraction machine of the four major advantages:
1, the material of strong adaptability, choose an appropriate filter medium, can separate millimeter of fine particles, can also be used to finish items dehydration, through the water pipe can be carried out according to clean.
2, pharmaceutical. cwl centrifugal extraction machine for upper discharging structure, the artificial upper discharging type has simple structure, installation, low costs, easy to operate, can keep the grain shape of product.
3, the machine adopts advanced flexible supporting structure, can reduce the vibration caused by uneven load, machine balance and stability.
4, the whole structure of high speed, concentrated in a closed shell structure, effectively avoid the pollution of material.
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