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cwl type centrifugal extraction machine aromatics separation to remove dimethyl sulfoxide

by:Deyuan      2020-08-29
Dimethyl sulfoxide, is a kind of important aprotic polar solvent, is the important value of fine chemical products, widely used in medicine, pesticide, petroleum chemical industry, electronics, coating, organic synthesis, metallurgy, polymer materials, and many other areas, the world's increasing dimethyl sulfoxide at an annual rate of 17%, with the rapid development of China's economy, export prospects are very optimistic. The domestic and foreign market with enormous potential, is worth further development of fine chemical products.
dimethyl sulfoxide is a kind of organic sulfur compounds, molecular formula for ( 甲基) 2 so, room temperature is colorless, transparent liquid is a kind of moisture absorption of flammable liquid. High polarity, high boiling point, thermal stability, the proton, miscibility with water features, soluble in ethanol, propanol, benzene, and chloroform, etc. Most of the organic matter, is known as the 'universal solvent'. Used for acetylene, aromatics, sulfur dioxide and other gases of solvent and acrylic fiber spinning solvent. Is a kind of soluble in water and soluble in organic solvent is extremely important aprotic polar solvent. Strong permeability to the skin, help drug penetration to the human body. Also can be used as pesticide additives. Is also a kind of important chemical reagents.
aromatic generally refers to aromatic hydrocarbon, usually refers to the molecules of hydrocarbons containing benzene ring structure. Is a kind of closed chain. Has the basic structure of benzene ring, the early detection of these compounds in the history of many aromatic flavor, so call these hydrocarbons aromatic hydrocarbon, later found that does not have aromatic smell of hydrocarbons are unified use this term.
extraction equipment in dimethyl sulfoxide extraction separation of aromatic technology is our country petroleum institute of research and development, the first set of industrial extraction equipment put into production in 1968, the annual processing capacity of 13 for production. 50000 t aromatics.
from the properties of dimethyl sulfoxide and phase equilibrium can be seen: extraction device, . cwl centrifugal extraction machine) In dimethyl sulphoxide extraction separation of aromatic process and glycol extraction process exists obvious difference: dimethyl sulfoxide solvent at room temperature under low viscosity, extraction operation can be at room temperature, glycol kind of solvent viscosity under normal temperature, need for extraction operations under high temperature; Dimethyl sulfoxide low atmospheric pressure boiling point solvents, and extract the boiling point difference is small, and the thermal stability is poor, need to adopt the extraction was isolated from solvent extraction, glycol type high atmospheric pressure boiling point solvents, easy separation distillation extraction, the process is relatively simple; Extraction equipment in dimethyl sulfoxide extraction separation of aromatic technology is only a single liquid liquid extraction process, glycol type of solvent extraction is a combined process of liquid-liquid extraction and extraction distillation.
primary extraction with extraction agent benzene dimethyl sulfone was isolated and dimethyl sulfoxide, then use the method of distillation condensation recovery of benzene, dimethyl sulfoxide extractant and dimethyl sulfone product; Secondary extraction with methanol extraction agent, a primary extraction containing dimethyl sulfone and solid phase separation of dimethyl sulfoxide benzene residual liquid, reoccupy distillation condensation method recovered extractant methanol and benzene residue fluid respectively, and will return to former benzene residual liquid level in the distillation tower; Access to secondary extraction, solid phase dissolved with water, air or oxidant to oxidation of sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite and evaporation crystallization extraction inorganic components.
the treatment technology is simple and safe, low evaporation temperature, atmospheric pressure, easy to implement, the operation cost is low, the entire closed loop, recycling of waste residue component parts completely, high recovery efficiency, secondary pollution, no waste can solve the problem of dimethyl sulfoxide production waste pollution, and create economic value.
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