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cwl type centrifugal extraction machine processing of phenol waste water produced in the wood industry

by:Deyuan      2020-08-29
In wood industry, synthetic resin manufacturing, pulp and paper production, wet-process fiberboard production, wood dyeing and bleaching processing, wood preservative treatment, such as the production process, is a major industrial wastewater pollution sources, the waste water usually contains a lot of organic substances, toxic substances and other discarded material. In the wastewater contains large amounts of wastewater containing phenol. This article mainly research in wood industry wastewater treatment process.
wood industry is a major industrial wastewater pollution of waste water produced, produced by the waste water usually contains a large number of poisonous substances, organic matter and other waste substances, if any emissions, without processing will have on the river water quality, soil and other ecological environment caused serious pollution. Wood processing waste water is mainly produced in fiber board, pulp and paper production, wood dyeing and bleaching processing, wood preservation processing production process, such as wood processing enterprises must work attaches great importance to the wastewater treatment process, according to the waste water of different ways to execute the corresponding management methods, to ensure that the enterprise benefits on the basis of protecting ecological environment, promote the sustainable development of ecological environment and the enterprise
in the artificial � � production, wet-process fiberboard production � � water pollution is serious, because the wet molding requires a lot of water, resulting in the loss of fine fiber not only, and the presence of large amounts of organic matter in waste water, Such as carbohydrate, lignin, etc. ) And have poison ( Phenol and formaldehyde, etc. ) 。
particle board and plywood production of water pollution is not so prominent as wet-process fiberboard production, however, the selection of raw material category, timber processing method and the method of resin glue supply factors such as water pollution degree has a close relationship with its cause. Particle board production wastewater mainly comes from mix glue and glue, and synthetic resin chamber of shipping, storage equipment and pipeline systems, such as cleaning process operations. Plywood production, the main water sources of pollution have wood, veneer dryer flushing process water treatment process, glue and glue equipment washing, etc.
the synthetic resin industry and furniture electroplating treatment can also cause serious water pollution. Discharge of water in the process of synthetic resin wastewater including resin manufacturing, man-made board, the glue sizing equipment in the process of production of washing water and the flushing water pipe system, etc. Different plating process, will produce different waste water pollution, such as cyanide zinc plating solution of toxic, and cyanide liquid fog is serious damage to human body health; Cadmium cyanide plating electrolyte to be toxic, serious environmental pollution.
in the process of wood processing, cooking process segment of cooking wastewater is the main wastewater source of wood processing waste water, cooking wastewater belongs to high concentration organic wastewater and its water quantity is big, high chromaticity, high lignin content, the wastewater can be biochemical performance is poor.
. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine processing wood industry is the use of wastewater containing phenol extraction agent of poorly soluble in water and wastewater, phenolic substances in wastewater and the extracting agent for physical or chemical combination, realize the phenolics phase transfer. Can reduce the solvent extraction process of two phase solubility, reducing solvent loss and secondary pollution, extraction process can be achieved by solvent regeneration. Important impact on the economy and reliability of the process.
. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine processing wood industry wastewater containing phenol its advantage is less equipment investment, convenient operation, low energy consumption, and phenolics in recycling waste water effectively, suitable for high concentration phenol wastewater; . cwl type centrifugal extraction machine processing wood industry wastewater containing phenol can be ruled out 'backmixing' phenomenon in the process of extraction, will not result in a solvent loss and secondary pollution.
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