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cwl type centrifugal extraction machine wet processing zinc steel soot

by:Deyuan      2020-08-29
Usually most of the iron and steel enterprises in the process of production produce smoke by direct or indirect return sinter, pellets, ironmaking and steelmaking production process to use. But the 800 ~ 10 million tons of zinc dust, most of the 'efficient' still didn't get treatment and utilization. For zinc steel dust recycling treatment technology mainly include:

1, the physical method of physical law zinc recovery technology is to use mechanical separation ( Centrifugal, gravity separation, etc. ) Or magnetic separation ( Magnetic separation) The way of enrichment smoke of zinc iron and steel. Mechanical separation methods have a flotation gravity separation process, hydrocyclone dezincification process, etc. ; Strong magnetic joint process. After processing can get high zinc iron and low zinc iron material two kinds of material, used for zinc and recycle sintering respectively. At present domestic most of the iron and steel enterprises to adopt this approach, is low recovery efficiency, but also relatively little investment. 2, wet

wet zinc recovery technology is the use of zinc oxide does not dissolve in water or ethanol, but soluble in acid, sodium hydroxide and ammonium chloride solution, the properties of different leaching liquid, will be separated from the mixture of zinc, suitable for processing the high zinc iron dust.
3, see
method of zinc recovery technology is the use of low boiling point, reduction of zinc oxide at high temperature, gasification and zinc and the solid phase separation. Fire process divided into two major categories of direct reduction and smelting reduction method, suitable for processing, high zinc iron dust, of which, rotary kiln and rotary hearth furnace method most widely used. Technology is considered by the industry at home and abroad, rotary kiln processing zinc dust is the most effective and economic method.

4, combined method combined method is used in combination with the above several methods, in order to get the best recovery of iron, carbon, zinc and other valuable metals effect method of comprehensive utilization. Joint method and treatment of zinc dust effect is ideal, environmental and economic benefits to maximize, but now have a complete set of technology companies rarely.
hydrometallurgy is metal mineral raw materials in the aqueous solution of acidic or alkaline medium medium for chemical processing or organic solvent extraction and separation of impurities, extraction process of metals and their compounds. Hydrometallurgy as an independent technology is developed rapidly in the second world war, when some minerals such as uranium extraction cannot adopt traditional pyrometallurgy, and can only use chemical solvents to separate them, this kind of method is the hydrometallurgy of refining the metals. Jia-yong Chen is China's earliest engaged in hydrometallurgy, he nearly half a century laid the foundation of hydrometallurgy in China.
hydrometallurgy includes the following steps:
(1) the raw materials into useful ingredients in solution, the leaching;
(2) the leach solution and residue separation, at the same time will be entrained in residue solvent in metallurgy and metal ion washing recycling;
(3) purification of leach solution and enrichment, often with ion exchange and solvent extraction technology or other chemical precipitation method;
(4) or compound extracted from purifying liquid metal. Often used in the production of electrolytic extraction from liquid purification from gold, silver, copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt and other pure metal. Most aluminum, tungsten, molybdenum and vanadium exists in the form of oxygen acid in aqueous solution, the general first to oxide precipitation, and then get metal reduction.
hydrometallurgy process using more. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine, due to the high extraction efficiency, can realize an hour level of extraction, for small distribution coefficient difference between two kinds of material can also be easily separated. Applicability is wide and can be used for liquid-liquid extraction of all applications, cost savings, equipment cover an area of an area small, saving solvent, easy to scale-up, can easily achieve levels from test to production of amplifier, safe environmental protection, excellent in sealing and less volatile solvent, do not produce solid waste, flexible work, run midway stop, does not affect the separation efficiency.
use a solvent, with the aid of chemical action, including oxidation, reduction, neutralization, hydrolysis and complexation reaction, extraction and separation of raw materials of metal metallurgical process. Also called water metallurgy, belong to extraction technique with traditional pyrometallurgy or chemical metallurgy.
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