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CWX series mixer settler days extraction has been widely used

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
At present, with the continuous development of extraction equipment industry, our company set a number of equipment research and development personnel, study international mixer settler design philosophy, combining the actual usage of extraction enterprises, there was a long, make up for all sorts of malpractices, completed the CWX series mixer settler ( Also known as the extraction tank) Laboratory equipment design, processing and production.
this device features:
1, the layout is compact, can be used in single stage, can also according to the subjects of free combination form a modularized allocation process demand.
2, each class has heavy phase material liquid and light phase material liquid guiding device, can control clarify the two phase interface.
3, is suitable for the extraction process of two-phase blend needs certain mass transfer time of extraction system, can also handle material containing a small amount of suspended solids.
4, each link all use clever design saves pipe too much, and unnecessary base space.
5, the union human nature, multi-function scaffold design, make its can detect multiple faster, more flexible data extraction.
6, the equipment operation is simple, the pipeline interface are sealing strong fast way, and each interface is independent parts, realize the convenient and quick adjustment, combination and replace.
7, mixer settler per level is equipped with independent mixing machine, special control device, can adjust the speed according to the digital display table, respectively, the motor shell with 316 l stainless steel material, the motor shaft adopts sealing isolation, motor control terminal use waterproof seal air plug.
8, impeller design, make the liquid mixture has a large cycle range, more energy, and the axial backmixing rate is very small, thus more fully completed two mass transfer, mixing chamber in the bottom of the mixing chamber and turbine unit, with a low speed high strength mixture stirring effect.
9, extraction tank adopts the design of multifunctional rotary switch, can be achieved by rotating different functional requirements. Such as: feeding function; Light and heavy instead mixed function; Mixing chamber � � � the third material function.
CWX series mixer settler r&d will make the liquid-liquid extraction mixer settler device to achieve a high level, to break the western developed countries in the high-end technology blockade and monopoly in the field of scientific research, for the domestic scientific research workers to provide convenient favorable conditions of scientific research. Key applications for

chemical: sulfa drugs and other drugs production process; Extracted from the fermented liquid of antibiotics; Pigment extracted from the fermented liquid.
traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) classes: using organic solvent extract alkaloids from medicinal plants; With organic solvent extraction flavonoids from ginkgo; Used for a variety of chemical extraction, Chinese medicine, such as polysaccharide, protein, saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids, steroids.
food: used for milk protein, casein powder, royal jelly, and food additives. Flavors such as extraction process.
categories: pigment used for separation purification of natural pigments such as tomato red ( Yellow) Element, medlar, Red) Red (flavin, branches Yellow) Pigment, flavin, chrysanthemum flower, capsicum red pigment, etc.
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