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Daily review: 19 aluminium prices remain range-bound

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
International market: the fed's rate cut during the year for the second time in line with market expectations, today's aluminum rose slightly, support on above $1900. Beijing time 15:51, LME3 three-month aluminium 1792. At $5 a day 0. 5 dollars/ton.

the Yangtze aluminum mesh ( alu。 。 cn) Domestic market: today Shanghai aluminum 1911 contracts opened 14200 yuan, main month low intraday high of 14205 yuan, 14095 yuan, in late 14135, the previous trading day down 115 yuan/ton. Worries about demand and slowing economic growth hangs over the commodity market, Shanghai aluminum fell sharply today, is expected in the short term prices or remain range-bound.

the spot market: the Yangtze river the spot transaction price of 14250 - today 14290 yuan/ton, down 70 yuan/ton. Guangdong south store at 14250 - 14350 yuan/ton, down 80 yuan/ton. China reported 14360 - 14380 yuan/ton, down 70 yuan/ton. Stock clinch a deal the average price in 14260 - at home 14300 yuan/ton. Now aluminum fell today, the shipper offer strong, downstream enterprise on-demand procurement, market clinch a deal.

news both at home and abroad:

1, the world metal statistics ( WBMS) According to data released on Wednesday 1-2019 Aluminium market supply of 65 in July. 10000 tons, for the gap in the whole year of 2018, 85. 50000 tons.

2, China henan shenhuo group, said on Wednesday, a spokesman for the company's new yunnan aluminum smelter production date has been delayed, because of poor weather conditions, lead to the aluminum plant construction project delay.

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