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Daily review: aluminum prices upward momentum afternoon or will remain volatile

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
International market: crude oil prices continued to fall on the commodity market sentiment, aluminum back slightly, and today support on below $1500. Company (Beijing time) LME3 three-month aluminum $1552, the last trading day down $6.

( ) Domestic market: today Shanghai aluminum 1606 contracts opened 11995 yuan, main month low intraday high of 12020 yuan, 11925 yuan, close to 11960 in late, than the previous trading day down 35 yuan/ton. Chinese economic data is generally good in the first quarter, but as the market is expected to digest the impact is limited, today Shanghai aluminum slightly lower, aluminum prices upward momentum, the market outlook is expected to remain volatile.

the spot market: today's spot price is 11890 - 11930 yuan/ton, rose 60 yuan/ton; Guangdong south store at 11920 - 12000 yuan/ton, down 20 yuan/ton; China reported 12000 - 12020 yuan/ton, rose 60 yuan/ton; Stock clinch a deal the average price in 11890 - at home 11930 yuan/ton. Today is aluminum rose slightly, the shipper of ship stability, middlemen and downstream will pick up goods, clinch a deal the active market.

news both at home and abroad:

1, the saloon car industry in China started relatively late. The earliest, rv's main consumer markets in Europe and the United States developed countries. In recent years, with the development of domestic industry and the improvement of people's living standards, from 2010 to present a few short years, China's car industry is taking shape. With the further development of China's auto market, further upgrading of consumption, rv are rapidly into the ordinary life of the masses.

2, a few days ago, chinalco's stake in liancheng branch with the introduction of gansu hualu aluminium co. , LTD. , gansu Yintai pasta cable co. , LTD. , capital, in the form of mixed ownership established in lanzhou aluminum garden metal co. , LTD, marks the company mixed ownership reform and alloying work and took a big step forward.
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