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Daily review: market risk aversion heating prices downward pressure on weak

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
International market: non-agricultural data released on Friday before investors wait more, plus put pressure on the dollar index rebound, aluminum pressure drop, and today support on below $1550. Beijing time good tidings, LME3 three-month aluminum $1617, compared with the previous trading day down $15.

( ) Domestic market: today Shanghai aluminum 1607 contracts opened 12505 yuan, main month low intraday high of 12570 yuan, 12400 yuan, in late 12455, the previous trading day down 115 yuan/ton. Recent poor global economic data boosted the market risk aversion, metal market rebound fatigue, today Shanghai aluminum sharply lower, the long lack of confidence, short initiative, is expected in the near future prices or maintain shocks weak trend.

the spot market: today's spot price is 12590 - 12630 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton; Guangdong south store at 12630 - 12730 yuan/ton, flat; China reported 12700 - 12720 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton; Stock clinch a deal the average price in 12580 - at home 12620 yuan/ton. Now the aluminum fell today, the shipper's price to sell, the dealer and the downstream enterprises will actively goods, clinch a deal the active yesterday.

news both at home and abroad:

1, the Japanese metal manufacturers plan to help to improve the vehicle fuel consumption of automobile aluminum to increase production. Kobe steel plans to invest about 10 billion yen by building new factories in China and the United States, Japan's largest aluminum maker UACJ and plan to be in the United States joint venture factory production capacity up to more than 3 times.

2, India to import aluminum not forging products safeguard preliminary, a preliminary ruling product imports to increase to cause serious damage and serious threat of injury to a domestic industry in India, so decided to import the products involved, imposing a 5% safeguard tax for 200 days.
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