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Daily review: non-farm eve mood caution aluminium lack of support

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
International market: the dollar index rebounded wanes, fund market was breathing space, today's aluminum rose slightly, support on above $1700. Beijing time 16:2 and LME3 three-month aluminum $1615, a rise of $9 in the last trading day.

( ) Domestic market: today Shanghai aluminum 1607 contracts opened 12490 yuan, main month low intraday high of 12535 yuan, 12200 yuan, in late 12340, the previous trading day down 155 yuan/ton. Ahead of the U. S. non-farm employment market increasingly uncertain and investor sentiment, today Shanghai aluminum fell sharply, market lack the support of the good news of aluminium or maintain shock stabilized, recommends that investors can maintain wait-and-see attitude first.

the spot market: today's spot price is 12380 - 12420 yuan/ton, down 210 yuan/ton. Guangdong south store at 12460 - 12560 yuan/ton, down 170 yuan/ton. China reported 12490 - 12510 yuan/ton, down 210 yuan/ton. Stock clinch a deal the average price in 12370 - at home 12410 yuan/ton. Now aluminum fell sharply today, weekend hold shipment shipper of positive, intermediaries and downstream will improve goods, clinch a deal can be as a whole.

news both at home and abroad:

1, 5 months before and after the commodity futures exchange issued a series of measures to prevent the transition hype risk, directly led to the capital outflow dramatically since black market, while at the same time colored become a new focus of capital market. Aluminium market as basic for fine, more become the money into the first choice. Capital to fuel the aluminium market fluctuations, make the aluminum out of a rapidly rising in the near future, also fell sharply.

2, recently, the China aerospace science and technology group co. , LTD. , a hospital, 211 of the country's largest aluminum alloy casting factory to complete the project, marks the plant in large domestic casting aluminum alloy products is the industry leader. This product for conical shell, need casting aluminum water 12 tons, is currently the largest domestic aluminum alloy casting project. Moreover, the project requires the X-ray detection, further increases the difficulty of casting.
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