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Daily review: the last trading day before popular light copper prices fell

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
The copper market analysis, the international market a

the fed chairman yellen spoke after a dove earlier this week, this month, the United States will increase the possibility of reduced, affected by shock drop $, copper partial strong finishing today, by the Beijing time 16:00, London metals ( LME) Copper latest offer $4580, up $21.

2, domestic futures in Shanghai today trend, the current month 1606 contracts opened 35510 high low settlement 35470 35280 35540, or 35450 yuan/ton, down 540 yuan, down to 1. 5%; Positions, clinch a deal today Shanghai copper all contract 570120, 26534 to 781966 hand more holdings. Main contract volume 331978, 21132 to 356466 hand more holdings. Today Shanghai copper market weak, the domestic market today is the last trading day before Dragon Boat Festival holiday, thin trading.

3, the spot market spot on June 8, according to statistics, 35660-1 # copper 35680 yuan/ton, compared with the previous deal fell 490 yuan/ton, premium 160 - litre 180 yuan/ton; Shanghai spot 1 # electrolytic copper 35620 yuan/ton, down 515 yuan, smooth water copper clinch a deal the price down 35610, 515, 35630 litres of copper price fall 510; Guangdong spot 35500-1 # copper prices 35700 yuan/ton, down 490 yuan/ton. Huatong spot 1 # copper prices at 35695 yuan/ton, down 490 yuan/ton; Today's spot prices fell, traders actively offer, but the downstream first cautious, afternoon light, market sentiment procurement co. , LTD. , the actual clinch a deal. Four, industry information

the General Administration of Customs announced on June 8, China's imports of unwrought copper and copper in May, 430000 tons of imports of unwrought copper and copper in April of 450000 tons. 1 - Imports of unwrought copper and copper in May of 231 tons; In the same period last year accumulative total of 189 tons, year-on-year increase in 22. 1%.
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