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Daily review: the last trading day before the market clinch a deal to turn pale

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Copper market analysis, the international market a

as U. S. data were mixed, the recent dollar again and again, and near the weekend, the market volume to drop, copper shock consolidation today, as Beijing time 16:00, London metals ( LME) Copper for the latest price is $4826, up $1.

2, domestic futures today Shanghai copper high consolidation, the current month 1610 contracts opened 37660 high low settlement 37670 37570 37870, or 37760 yuan/ton, down 40 yuan, drop to zero. 11%; Positions, clinch a deal in Shanghai all contracts 236394 hand today, holdings reduce 4364 to 439784 hands. Main contract volume 82256, 8632 to 174124 hand more holdings.

3, the spot market, according to data shows: on September 30, spot 1 # copper to 37870 yuan/ton, the last trading day down 210 yuan/ton, 200 litres of water to 220 litres of water; In the Shanghai area 1 # electrolytic copper 37800 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan, smooth water copper fell 275 clinch a deal the price 37750 yuan, 37785 litres of copper price RMB 265; Guangdong spot 1 # copper prices at 37760 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan. Huatong spot 1 # copper prices at 37895 yuan/ton, down 210 yuan/ton. The domestic market on the last day before the National Day holiday, ready for the downstream end, volume obviously turn pale. Four, industry information

responsible for mining executives said on Friday in the Philippines, the Philippine law government may not be all shut down 20 mines in violation of the requirements of environmental protection, will give them time to make amends. When asked if it is possible to 20 mine don't have to close them, minister of environment and natural resources in the Philippines Regina Lopez said: & other; Is that if they can correct place need correction. ” “ Some problems need time to correction. ” Environment and natural resources, said on Tuesday that suggested shutting down 20 mines, and give them time to explain the problem for seven days, and submit a solution. The Philippines has shut down 10 mines, suspend the other 20 mines, only 11 normal production.
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