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Daily review: the rally narrow market clinch a deal is still poor

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Copper market analysis, the international market a

the fed's policy-setting meeting last night, the markets are betting that will keep interest rates unchanged, but investors will study yellen in tonight's comments after the meeting, to determine whether the fed plans to raise interest rates in December, the earliest today's commodity market sentiment towards cautious, copper low consolidation, by the Beijing time 16:00, London metals ( LME) Copper for the latest price is $4770, down $11.

2, domestic futures in Shanghai today to maintain stable, high current month 1610 contracts opened 37300 low settlement, 37280, 37160, 37460 or 37320 yuan/ton, up 120 yuan, up to 0. 32%; Positions, clinch a deal today Shanghai copper all contract 290080, 912 to 440268 hand more holdings. Main contract deal 172558 hands, holdings to reduce 2578 to 178240 hands.

3, the spot market on September 21, according to statistics the spot 1 # copper to 37380 yuan/ton, the last trading day rose 70 yuan/ton, 130 litres of water to 150 litres of water; In the Shanghai area 1 # electrolytic copper 37300 yuan/ton, up to 50 yuan, smooth water copper 37330 clinch a deal the price to go up to 35 yuan, 37350 litres of copper price rise 35 yuan. Guangdong spot 1 # copper prices at 37310 yuan/ton, up to 40 yuan. Huatong spot 1 # copper prices at 37405 yuan/ton, up 70 yuan/ton. Today's spot prices narrowed gains, the shipper of quotation is still strong, delivery enthusiasm, downstream business mentality is relatively cautious, still give priority to with on-demand buying, market overall performance. Four, industry information

the international copper study group ( ICSG) In its latest monthly report, said in a shortage of refined copper markets around the world on June 8. For the shortage of 6, 30000 tons of may. 90000 tons. ICSG said that the first six months of this year the market shortage of a total of 30. For the shortage of 5, 60000 tons of the same period last year. 40000 tons. Global refined copper production in June of 1. 91 million tons, the consumption of 2 million tons. 6 month China bonded warehouse copper inventory shortage. 50000 tons, on May 7 for the shortage. 10000 tons.
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