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Daily review: the rising dollar triggered weaker market profits copper price

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The copper market analysis, the international market a

strong U. S. housing data pushed the dollar index, copper encountered in profits, the disk disadvantaged concussion all day today, as Beijing time 16:00, London metals ( LME) Copper latest offer $4960 fell $24.

2, domestic futures in Shanghai today for consolidation pattern, the current month 1608 contracts opened 38280 high low settlement 38320 38060 38700, or 38240 yuan/ton, up 30 yuan, up to 0. 08%; Positions, clinch a deal today Shanghai copper all contract 732716, 8490 to 627464 hand more holdings. Main contract deal 463442 hands, holdings to reduce 6982 to 276684 hands.

3, the spot market, according to statistics show spot on July 20, 1 # copper to 38220 yuan/ton, the last trading day dropped 60 yuan/ton, premium from 0 to 20 liters of water; Shanghai spot 1 # electrolytic copper 38230 yuan/ton, down 30 yuan, smooth water copper clinch a deal the price down 38220 yuan RMB 30, 38240 litres of copper price fell 30 yuan. Guangdong spot 1 # copper prices at 38230 yuan/ton, down 130 yuan/ton; Huatong spot 1 # copper prices at 38245 yuan/ton, down 60 yuan/ton; Copper spot price fell today, ample supply of goods, clinch a deal the downstream. Four, industry information

the global mining giant BHP billiton ( BHP Billiton) On Tuesday, On July 19th) Quarterly production according to the report, the company plans to the end of this year's copper production to rise 5%, the 2016 fiscal year, BHP's copper output rose to 97 from Escondida mine. 90000 tons, more than 940000 tons of target.
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