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Day review: before the results of the federal reserve meeting light copper sentiment weak performance

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Copper market analysis, the international market a

the fed's policy-setting meeting, the market risk preference and cooling, declining volume, today the dollar fell with base metal, copper morning show weak, or in the afternoon, by the Beijing time 16:00, London metals ( LME) Copper latest offer $4867 fell $49.

2, domestic futures in Shanghai today weak shocks, high current month 1608 contracts opened 38130 low settlement, 37740, 37600, 38220 or 37760 yuan/ton, down 340 yuan, drop to zero. 89%; Positions, clinch a deal in Shanghai all contracts 534382 hand today, holdings reduce 13224 to 592236 hands. Main contract deal 322706 hands, holdings to reduce 12824 to 236284 hands. Market sentiment before light, the results of the fed meeting this week in Shanghai or remain weak.

3, the spot market, according to statistics show spot on July 26, 1 # copper to 37800 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 350 yuan/tons, 20 to 40 liters of litres of water; Shanghai spot 1 # electrolytic copper 37710 yuan/ton, down 375 yuan, smooth water copper clinch a deal the price down 37690 yuan 370 yuan, 37730 litres of copper price fell 375 yuan; Guangdong spot 1 # copper prices at 37710 yuan/ton, down 380 yuan/ton; Huatong spot 1 # copper prices at 37825 yuan/ton, down 350 yuan/ton. Shipment today spot copper prices, traders are active, increase the market supply of goods, buy on dips in the downstream market clinch a deal the improved yesterday. Four, industry information

on July 25, the dow Jones news, strong data of Chinese copper imports in the first half of 2016, investors optimistic about the world's largest copper consumer demand. But barclays said in a report, the import back seems to be pushing - by a special department - Power grid investment. Grid sector spending growth is growth of about 33% year on year, although China is expected to cut investment market. Reliance on a single department spending to copper is fragile, because consumption is still weak in other areas, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, and other areas of the production. Analysts DaneDavis wrote in a report: & other; If China power grid investment slowdown, other departments also seems to be not ready to pick up momentum. ” He expected, the second half of the investment levels will decline.
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