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Day review: global aluminum production decline in prices rebound vibration

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
International market: the United States API crude oil inventories unexpectedly plummeted last week, oil vibration strength, today's aluminum rose slightly, support on above $1650. Beijing time 16:44, LME3 three-month aluminium 1578. At $5 a day 5. Five dollars.

( ) Domestic market: today Shanghai aluminum 1611 contracts opened 12050 yuan, main month low intraday high of 12190 yuan, 12035 yuan, close to 12145 in late, than the previous trading day up 110 yuan/ton. Global aluminum industry association aluminium output decline in August, according to data of aluminium or supported, today Shanghai aluminum rose sharply, short-term price rebound, but noble need to be careful.

the spot market: today's spot price is 12500 - 12540 yuan/ton, up 70 yuan/ton; Guangdong south store at 12450 - 12550 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan/ton; China reported 12610 - 12630 yuan/ton, up 70 yuan/ton; Stock clinch a deal the average price in 12530 - at home 12570 yuan/ton. Today is aluminum continues to rise, the shipper's price is rised, the market bullish atmosphere, middlemen, receiving positive market clinch a deal is fair.

news both at home and abroad:

1, although manufacturing in our country is strong, also located in the world's highest productivity, but our country is not a country is famous for its innovation, in addition, our original ability is shortage. Take industry of window of aluminium alloy door, for instance, the copy of the business events often occur, a prominent Chinese aluminum alloy doors and Windows products often copied by other manufacturers, even brand logo also has a lot of enterprise is copy others'.

2, aluminum industry around alumina and aluminium processing two main line, strengthen the dock with the scientific research institutes, the introduction of powerful processing enterprise, actively promote HuaZe 2 & times; 350 mw low calorific value coal, chinalco bayer process of old system upgrade, xin galactic aluminum deep processing, such as key projects, strive to build the country's one million tons of aluminum recycling industry base.
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