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DE chemical power source, China nonferrous metals association annual meeting, extraction Simula - simulation software SX ™ to shine!

by:Deyuan      2020-07-30
On September 21, 2019, the 12th China nonferrous metals association academic conference ended successfully in yue to convention and exhibition center. DE source Simula - chemical self-developed simulation software SX ™ appearance at the meeting, the chairman Mr Zou Qian present the topic the Simula - with simulation software SX ™ optimization copper solvent extraction operation system of special reports, reports on the user interface, operation process and economic benefit analysis of three major parts, detailed explanation of the isotherm drawn, extractive process optimization, the parameters optimization, the optimization of organic phase and the use of the new project in the selection of extraction agent and so on, and the use of this software will provide great convenience for copper solvent extraction operation, save a lot of cost for mining enterprises. Deputy general manager Mr Interpretation upon also share the company's latest research results at the meeting - The new extractant Mextral6103H extraction separation of cobalt in the copper and cobalt application ', at the same time as expert answers to questions. The report fully shows the kang PuHua learning based on technology, technology for the national high and new technology enterprise of elegant demeanour, simultaneously also provides some new mentality on the actual production in order to solve the problem, especially the Simula - simulation software SX ™ released, attracts many attendees vision, drive the heated discussion at the meeting, won the praise of the industry widely, shine at the scene. DE source chemical technical team and marketing team in the conference board held friendly communication and exchanges, and take this opportunity to let more customers and partners understanding kang PuHua learn innovative research and development capabilities and production capacity, cooperation laid a good foundation for the future. After the academic seminar, experts and the industry enterprise on behalf of a line of more than 30 people to the company visit, after visited the technology center, production workshop, a deep communication with our technical team. The experts for the support and concern, the company said heartfelt thanks. In the future, kang PuHua society has always been to 'honesty, pragmatic innovation, service society' as the objective, continues to provide professional services for global customers.
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