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DE source chemical successfully hosted the 2017 Chilean international hydrometallurgy seminar

by:Deyuan      2020-07-29
Kang PuHua successfully hosted the 2017 Chilean international seminar on hydrometallurgy Hydroprocess ICMSE on June 21, 20172017, chairman of the board of directors of the company interpretation upon Zou Qian, deputy general manager, sales department cassie calendar and technology center project manager JiShangJun line of four people came to Chile to help by us at the 2017 international seminar on hydrometallurgy ( Hydroprocess ICMSE 2017) 。 The meeting lasted three days, a session is 21 to 23, in Santiago, Chile, five-star Hotel Hotel Grand Hyatt held in Santiago. The meeting's participants is numerous, the packed inside. Participants are mainly engaged in hydrometallurgy of experts, scholars and technicians, there are many some giant companies in the field of hydrometallurgy, such as BHP billiton ( 必和必拓) , the Chilean national copper ( Codelco) Mexico's copper industry group ( 墨西哥) And so on. In addition to Chile local experts and technical personnel and enterprise, and from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, China, Russia, India, countries such as Bolivia experts or technicians. Covers the topics of the meeting of copper and other valuable metals leaching, extraction, new thinking, new technology in the field of electric product, the new method, also involves many related to hydrometallurgy new material, new equipment, etc. Our chairman Mr Zou Qian meeting opening ceremony in 21 afternoon did the conference keynote speech, hope that through this meeting platform, open communication, learn from each other, improve together, take concrete actions to promote global hydrometallurgy technology continuously towards a new stage. Because many attended this workshop set up two parallel at the venue, the results of a focus on basic research, another focus on some experience and technology in practical application. The enthusiasm of the participants are high, put forward currently in the process of the production run are widespread and relevant problems to be solved, and presents some ideas and methods of solving the problem. Each end of the report, everyone is eager to ask questions, think hard, positive discussion, learn from each other, harmonious atmosphere, drive the meeting was very successful, participants feel rewarded, horizon has been open, learned a lot of experience, technology, and solve the problem in a new way. At the conference, we made four special academic papers report, by the attention of the participants. Everyone is very interested in, after the meeting and many experts and technical staff hope to further understanding and communication with us. Use of the sidelines and the meeting time, we also densely with their customers made in-depth communication, help them solve various problems in the process of the production run. Customers to use our Mextral series extraction agent is very satisfied, they feel Mextral series extraction agent quality is reliable, stable performance, technical services in place, customers all want the future to further strengthen the cooperation with our company. Through this meeting, improves the global copper smelting enterprises to our Mextral series product awareness, deepening the domestic and foreign counterparts understanding of our technology, vigorously improve the kang PuHua influence in the international field of hydrometallurgy.
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