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DE source chemical university-enterprise cooperation was held with the central south university in forums

by:Deyuan      2020-07-29
Recently, the central south university institute of metallurgy and 54 students to our company for cognitive practice. On July 10, at the conclusion of internship, studying university-enterprise cooperation symposium was held in kang PuHua, kang, deputy general manager of PuHua learn Eileen chaired the meeting. LLLDD central south university, professor, gonadorelin full professor, associate professor, associate professor, wang qiang, jian-gang fu changshou district technology bureau deputy director of the ministerial committee ZhuoRenWei in longevity area, organization department, by the open area Huang Lixuan, deputy director of the innovation service center by open innovation service center communication division deputy section chief Fu Qiongyu, kang interpretation upon PuHua Li Chaoliang, general manager, deputy general manager to attend the meeting, with 20 interns on behalf of the central south university, kang PuHua middle management to communicate together. Host Eileen symposium, interpretation upon, deputy general manager kang PuHua learn core technology is introduced and the future development direction of kombucha. Professor LLLDD introduced the basic education of school and work to promote university-enterprise cooperation situation over the last two years. Li Chaoliang general manager for intern students active learning attitude, he hopes to innovation and win-win cooperation between the two sides. , deputy director of the Huang Lixuan ZhuoRenWei members respectively introduces the longevity area, longevity area talent introduction policy, welcome more talented people to stay in a long life. Other delegates to speak at the meeting, actively give their views. Finally, as the world in the central south university, deputy director of hope and kang PuHua in the project cooperation and personnel training, and so on to strengthen cooperation, to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to promote production, depth of cooperation, in order to promote longevity area technological innovation ability, to make new contributions to social development.
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