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Deutsche bank shares to a record low triggered concerns about the dow fell 200 points

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On Thursday, the three major U. S. stock indexes closed down, affected Yu Deyin listed shares fell to a record low in the United States. U. S. debt recovery decline yesterday, investors seeking to avert suspicion. The dollar index rebound. Oil continued rally yesterday.

bloomberg reports that the use of deutsche bank main economic business about 10 hedge funds, will this week in the partial derivatives of the bank assets transferred to other agencies. According to people familiar with the matter, these funds including the Millennium Partners, Rokos Capital Management and allocation came after Capula Investment Management. Deutsche bank in New York's share price fell 6. 67%, to 11. 47, intraday decline more than 9%.

the Solaris Asset Management LLC, chief investment officer, Timothy Ghriskey said:

& other; Deutsche bank's problem is a major problem, I'm not saying that is the beginning of the global financial crisis, but certainly the problem raised some concern. ”

10 days before the U. S. justice department issued to the deutsche bank settlement for $14 billion, the German media last week, news of their government could not lend a helping hand, John Cryan, chief executive of deutsche bank is trying to make investors believe that the bank have the funds to pay the fine. The IMF warned in June, the bank may be the biggest manufacturer of big financial firms a new round of systemic risk.


U. S. stocks fell, the s&p 500 index fell 0. 93%, the medical insurance sector and led by financial stocks, financial shares fell 1. 49%; The dow closed down 195. 86 points, intraday decline nearly 250 points. The nasdaq fell, suffers from apple shares fell 1. 6%,纳斯达克iShares ETF(生物技术 IBB) Closed down 3. 1%.

European stocks closed flat roughly, OPEC limit production agreement to boost energy stocks.

the specific point of view, the ftse pan-european blue-chip index closed down 300 0. 13%. The stoxx Europe 600 index closed up 0. Based resource shares rose 04%, 3. 06%.

the MSCI world stock fell 0. 3%, but still is expected to be closed up this month, and therefore create since June 2014, the longest streak.

debt city

Treasury yields fell generally, prices rose. Investors are worried that the bank's shares tumbled will spread to other large financial institutions, and suppress the fragile economic recovery of Europe, started buying safe havens.

the 10-year Treasury fell to 1. 558% and two-year Treasury fell to zero. 738%.

bond investors, inflation expectations increase in Britain, the British 10-year inflation climbed to more than a year.

send city
the dollar index rebounded, get a 0. 13%, to 95 now. 43.

the fed chairman yellen said on Wednesday the vast majority of members that may need to raise interest rates this year. According to bloomberg reports, Atlanta fed President Dennis Lockhart said today that the fed is close to the biggest employment goals, and stable inflation at close to 2% of the target, is expected to raise interest rates soon. The Philadelphia fed chairman Patrick Harker also said the fed should start raising interest rates.

the yen fell against the dollar for the third straight day, the market believes that active higher oil prices will help the bank of Japan to achieve the inflation target. The city after the close of trading, the dollar/yen at 101. 03.


OPEC in their agreement for the first time in eight years short of crude oil, oil prices rose, rose to a month high.

after four and a half hours & other; Battle & throughout; OPEC informal meeting Wednesday, their agreement for the first time since 2008. OPEC agreed to cut production to 32. 5 million barrels/solstice 33 million barrels a day. The news pushed the oil and oil once both rose nearly 6% on Wednesday, U. S. oil above $47 a barrel, oil above $49 a barrel, nearing $50 a barrel mark.

WTI crude oil futures closed up 1 November. 66% to 47. 83 dollars a barrel, record since August 23. November brent crude oil futures closed up 1. 13% to 49. 24 dollars/barrel.

stockmarkets to offset the effects of rising dollar, gold futures closed slightly higher, the lows in a week.

the COMEX December gold futures closed up 2. $30, or 0. 2%, to 1326. 00 dollars an ounce.
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