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Development depends on everybody 'kombucha is my home,' the campaign a success

by:Deyuan      2020-07-31
This year, 3 - In April, we carried out the 'development depends on everybody kombucha is my home,' the campaign theme, since activities the general staff actively participate in, contribute to. This essay activities, collected 92 articles, the company leadership review, selected 21 good article. On May 31 in the afternoon, we held in the company 'home of workers', the 'kombucha is my home, development depends on everybody' good will share the campaign. The meeting presided over by the deputy general manager zhang total organization and, deputy general manager xu, liu and li, deputy general manager was present at the meeting, to participate in the activities of the staff attended the meeting. Prior to the meeting, read by li, chairman of the message, the message, expressed the chairman's emphasis on the activity and expected the development to the company. We should all the kombucha staff together, unity and mutual assistance, perseverance, to create a another success. During the meeting, some outstanding article author read his article, share with the participants. Conference by the publication of recognition, the company leadership awards for winners, and to congratulate the winners. Through this essay activities, employees with his own articles explaining the love to the company, reflected their deep affection to the company, full of hope for the company's future development. Author will live good meeting to share share good article the author will share good articles
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