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Diacolation method in Chinese medicine extraction process of extraction process is introduced

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
diacolation method as a kind of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology, its belong to the dynamic leaching method, high utilization rate of solvent, leaching completely effective ingredients, and can be directly collected leachate. The medicinal material after broken into special diacolation tube or diacolation tank, from continuous ventilation with solvent, diacolation tank above the percolation tank medicinal product layer, solid liquid mass transfer effect, active ingredients and leaching, leaching liquid from the tank bottom outlet, the leaching method called 'diacolation method', the leaching liquid called 'diacolation liquid'. Due to the leaching liquid concentration increased in the process of diacolation and density increases, move down gradually, by upper solvent or more dilute leaching fluid replacement its position, continuous cause bigger concentration difference, make the diffusion can be well performed. This is its advantage in traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology. Diacolation operating methods mainly include single diacolation, heavy diacolation, countercurrent diacolation method, pressure diacolation method, etc.
diacolation method features as follows:
(1) in traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology in medicine is also a big mass of globular material, from top to bottom to cascade as many layers, the leaching solvent also as an infinite number of, and continuously to join the dipping process, when the solvent through each layer of medicinal materials particles occurs a solvent immersed herbs, dissolve the diffusion of the solute and solute diffusion outward equilibrium process, solvent and then on to the next layer of medicinal materials, to spread rebalancing, such repeated diffusion balance diacolation leaching process.
2. Similar leaching process for many times, diacolation extraction process lixivium can achieve higher concentration, the leaching effect is good.
3. Don't need to be heated when Chinese traditional medicine extraction, can operate at room temperature.
4. Traditional Chinese medicine extraction solvent consumption, low filtering requirements, simplifying the slag liquid separation process.
(5) the provisions of operation technology demand is higher, otherwise affect the extraction efficiency.
use range: suitable for extracting heat sensitive, easy to be volatile or toxic Chinese medicine materials; Suitable for extracting effective composition content is low or high leaching liquid concentration required materials of traditional Chinese medicines; For some the extract for viscous, not easy flow of materials, such as frankincense, aloe unfavorable use this law.

(1) crushing operation process: the granularity of medicinal materials should be appropriate, fairly easy jam, adsorption, leaching effect is poor; Too thick to pressure, solvent and medicinal herbs of interface is small, is not conducive to leaching. General with 'Chinese pharmacopoeia' medium powder or thick powder specifications is advisable.
2. Wetting: powder before loading diacolation container should be with the extraction solvent, wetting, avoid congestion in diacolation tube expansion to affect diacolation operation. Generally add powder 1 times the amount of solvent, mix well after the medicinal materials quality, airtight place 15 minutes to 6 hours, with uniform powder fully wetting and expansion.
(3) installed tube: powder infiltration Lu tube should be uniform, elastic. Packed too loose, solvent quickly through the powder, incomplete leaching; On the other hand, will use liquid mouth blockage, diacolation cannot.
(4) exhaust: powder filled, to join the solvent clearance should be maximally eliminate powder in the air, solvent immersion powder surface all the time, otherwise the powder dry crack, plus solvent from crack through and affect the leaching.
5. Dipping: generally dipping 24 to 48 hours, the solvent diffusion in full, especially the preparation of high concentration of preparation is more important.
6 diacolation, diacolation should comply with the provisions of various preparations of speed. If too fast, the effective component to leakage and diffusion, leaching liquid concentration is low; Too slow, affect the utilization rate of equipment and production. General medicine 1000 g per minute outflow l ~ 3 ml; When mass production, diacolation container per hour effluent should be using the volume of 1/48 ~ 1/24. Whether the active ingredients diacolation completely, although by diacolation liquid such as colour, taste and smell to identify, such as conditional should also be known component qualitative response to decide. If use diacolation liquid extract was prepared, the first to collect 85% Lu fluid at the beginning of another drug calorimeter, renew Lu liquid with low temperature concentration after a merger with Lu fluid at the beginning, adjust to the prescribed standards; If use diacolation tincture was prepared with lower concentration, such as leaching agent, don't need another device to save early Lu fluid, can be directly collected is equivalent to three-quarters of the amount of preparation Lu fluid, namely stop diacolation, squeeze the liquid, squeezing and diacolation liquid merged, adding ethanol to a certain concentration and capacity, the static, the filter for a quick.
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