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Dial the application of extraction tower

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Turntable extraction tower is applied to all the liquid-liquid extraction process, must especially two-phase countercurrent or and flow process. Liquid fluid system can be a part of immiscible or completely immiscible system can also contain a small amount of suspended solids. Rotary extraction tower in principle also applies to have mass transfer or no mass transfer by chemical reaction. Because rotary extraction tower structure is simple, high reliability, and even can be used to deal with a solid phase and one or two liquid phase system. Rotary extraction tower is the most important industrial applications: itself of extraction tower liquid liquid extraction used in petroleum chemical industry kerosene or lubricating oil refining, etc. ; Has lactam extraction of organic chemical industry, etc. ; Hydrometallurgy of rare earth separation and extraction of metal elements, etc. ; In addition of phenol waste water extraction in environmental engineering, etc. ; Light industry in the oil refining, synthetic detergent extraction, etc. Rotary extraction tower solid-liquid extraction used in purification of crystallization, etc. ; Pulp extraction, etc.
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