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DMF extraction wastewater containing phenol wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
DMF wastewater biological treatment methods:

a, biochemical method containing N, N - Dimethyl formamide ( DMF) Wastewater evaluated using the method of biochemical treatment of the water content can be reduced to 10 mg/L in the following. But before entered the stage of biochemical wastewater, is the need for pretreatment.

2, SBR process:
when wastewater treated by SBR process, when the concentration of water is 3000 ~ 4000 mg/L, the concentration of effluent can drop to 400 ~ 600 mg/L, removal rate was 75%, the effect is good, in the process of water ammonia nitrogen < 10 mg/L, but the main pollutant dimethyl formamide after processing can produce hard to biochemical degradation of nitrogen oxides, need to make further processing, so the SBR process is only suitable for used as pretreatment methods.

3, solvent extraction,
solvent extraction is currently using more technological process. Process is as follows:
1, mixing and mass transfer: to choose the suitable extractant, and waste water contact, use of pollutants in the water and solvent in different than the separation and extraction of the distribution of the pollutants.
2, reverse extraction, using the extraction agent will be extract containing the reverse extraction, extraction solvent recovery of useful substances make the extractant regeneration and reuse.

the third method of solvent extraction, compared to the front, two methods have the following advantages:
1, the choice of the new. cwl - M series centrifugal extraction machine can effectively reduce the content of DMF wastewater, meet the requirements of discharge standards;
2, and the choice of solvent extraction needed investment cost is more small, bring substantial benefits for the enterprise;
3, lower power consumption of a new type of equipment, only 1/10 of the traditional models.

so, DMF extraction wastewater containing phenol wastewater treatment, can choose solvent extraction, extraction can choose equipment is zhengzhou days. cwl - production M series centrifugal extraction machine. Welcome consulting, online customer service for details.
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