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Dongdu port imported copper concentrate 13 compared with the same period last year growth. 61%

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Dongdu port imported copper concentrate bucked up according to the statistics, 1 - this year Dongdu port imported copper concentrate 45 in May. 13 430000 tons, compared with the same period last year growth. 61%. Global economic situation this year, severe dongdu port copper concentrate imports do not send a rose, although prices showed a trend of volatility, but the origin of concentration and stable quality. Xiamen dongdu innings against free trade area to import copper concentrate taken many effective measures, to ensure the safe and efficient customs import copper concentrate: one is to strengthen policy to preach, the enhancement enterprise risk prevention consciousness. To preach to develop technical regulations, and by visiting ways to help enterprises to accurately grasp the domestic and international inspection standards and regulations; Pay close attention to the international market dynamics, closely monitor the loading port inspection results abroad, timely warning information, reduce business risk. The second is to speed up the customs clearance, shorten the test period. Implement & other; 5 + 2' A week and 24 hours reservation service. And in view of the eligible import goods shipping bulk copper concentrate on a trial basis & other; On-site inspection + + sampling release things afterwards supervision & throughout; The & other; Qualified assume & throughout; Inspection supervision mode, not given when the batch of sample test results as the basis. After the goods arrive at port and inspection, the inspectors in the first place for radioactive measurement and quarantine at the scene of the pier. Dock is radioactive measurement and quarantine requirements of goods, in accordance with the requirements for sampling and inspection, and then release the goods, greatly shortening the time of customs clearance and logistics costs. Three is to strengthen the on-site inspection &, and perform other Check & throughout; Roles and responsibilities. Firmly grasp the safety, hygiene, health, environmental protection, and fraud and other key points, key check whether the goods imported goods card is consistent; Whether entrainment, garbage outside of objects prohibited from entering into sundry etc. Prevent good shoddy, with waste filling, such as fraud. Four is to strengthen the system construction. Specially formulated the imports of copper concentrate wi and check out the major issues in the emergency response plan. Five is to strengthen detection technology exchanges and cooperation, improve the testing efficiency and accuracy. Require companies to provide internal lab test report in a timely manner and with the technology center of testing data, ensure the data accurate. Six is to strengthen the risk analysis, and improve the inspection regulation is scientific. Around key projects such as safety, hygiene, environmental protection, to import copper concentrate from different countries or regions for risk analysis, radioactivity and the five key links such as harmful element detection, mainly monitor the implementation and scientific supervision.
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