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During the processing of wastewater containing phenol ratio is introduced

by:Deyuan      2020-08-16
During the processing of wastewater containing phenol often contains four rate: flow ratio, extraction ratio and extraction ratio, the ratio in the process of phenol wastewater treatment is introduced as follows:
1. Flow ratio: in dealing with wastewater containing phenol extraction process flow organic phase and water phase flow is called the flow ratio, in fact it is compared.
   2. Extraction ratio, extraction ratio refers to the organic phase in the intermittent operation of a metal ion mass flow rate and water phase ratio of the mass flow rate of the ions. He is equal to the product distribution ratio and flow ratio.
   3. Back to the extraction ratio: in dealing with fractional extraction wastewater containing phenol, set a total series of n + m. The organic phase from the first stage into the centrifugal extraction machine, material liquid level by n inflows, lotion by n + m class inflows, n - Level 1 organic phase to separate the quality of the material flow and the first export of water phase mass flow ratio is called phenol wastewater treatment process of fractional extraction back extraction ratio.
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