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DZ988N Copper solvent extraction reagent for 99.95% copper cathode

DZ988N Copper solvent extraction reagent for 99.95% copper cathode

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Quick Details
CAS No.:
Other Names:
Copper extraction reagent
C16H25NO2/C17H27NO2, C16H25NO2/C17H27NO2
Place of Origin:
Henan, China
Grade Standard:
Reagent Grade
50% or 70%
Brown oil liquid, Amber liquid
Copper extraction
Brand Name:
Model Number:
DZ988N copper solvent extraction reagent
High efficient copper leaching solvent DZ988N
Patent no.:
ZL 2010 1 0300261.7
Flash temperature:
Isothermal point of reextraction:
≤1.8 g/L Cu
Isothermal point of extraction:
≥4.4 g/L Cu
Extraction kinetics:
≥92% (30s)
Cu/Fe selectivity:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
500 Ton/Tons per Month

DZ988N Compounded Aldoxime & Ketoxime Copper leaching solvent



We professionally focus on research and development metal leaching reagent.

Our Copper leaching reagents have good performance on copper leaching, we promise that using our reagent, the purity of cathode copper can over 99.95%.





TYPE Aldoxime (%) Ketoxime (%) Solvent oil (%)
DZ988N 25 25 50
DZ988N-C 35 35 30
DZ973N 35 15 50
DZ973N-C 49 21 30
DZ902 50   50



 Compound copper extraction reagent of Ketoxime and Aldoxime can be used alone or mixed with LIX984N, LIX973N, M5640, M5774, CP-150 and N902 in any ratio. You can free to add our reagent to your using reagent in any ratio.In practice, to produce one metric tonne cathode copper, the consumption of Aldoxime will more than 10kg, but CompoundAldoxime & Ketoxime (DZ988N) will less than 5kg. The consumption of Compound Aldoxime and Ketoxime reagent will less than single Aldoxime 3-6kg.





1. Classification of copper extraction solvent.
Compound copper extraction solvent of Ketoxime and Aldoxime can be used alone or mixed with LIX984, LIX973, M5640 and N902 in any ratio. 
DZ88: The mixture of Ketoxime and high flash point kerosene.
DZ988: The mixture of equal volume Ketoxime and Aldoxime mixed with high flash point kerosene.
DZ973: The mixture of Aldoxime and Ketoxime in volume of 7:3 mixed with high flash point kerosene.
DZ902: Aldoxime add specific anti-oxidant and mixed with high flash point kerosene.


Feature of Ketoxime: Extraction capacity is slight smaller, but the property of phase separation is excellent, easy reverse extraction, chemical stability is good, and high inoxidability. 
Features of Aldoxime: Extraction capacity is slight higher, but can be used for greater acidity liquid. However the reverse extraction, phase separation and stability are less than Ketoxime.
The best copper extraction solvent is the mixture of Ketoxime and Aldoxime, owning both of the advantages.


2, Stability of copper extraction solvent
DZ series copper extraction solvents are the mixtures of Ketoxime and Aldoxime, don’t add any modifier. But the copper extraction solvent which named M5640, N902, CP-150, AD-100 and so on are all single extraction solvent of Aldoxime (In fact all are N902). In order to improve the performance of reverse extraction, manufactory has added various modifier during the producing process, that will reduce the stability of oxime, easy to degrade copper extraction solvent, especially in the condition of Cland No3-, the degradation shall be very quickly.


3, Viscosity of extraction solvent
Extraction solvent’s viscosity will effect two-phase separation, if the viscosity is high, two-phase separation will be slow, that will carry more organic phase. But the compound extraction solvent of Ketoxime and Aldoxime will avoid the defect obviously, if the liquid contain a lot of copper, we can increase the concentration of extraction solvent, so that we can improve the extraction efficiency.


4, This is our patented production.

During the practice, the reaction (Extraction & Reextraction) must be happened over 300 times, the advantage will be shown clearly.


The product is in high demand at home and abroad thanks to its considerable economic benefits. The product has a large market share due to the strong sales network.
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