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Effect of vanadium from stone coal of P204 (hdehp) solvent extraction experiment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
Vanadium is an important strategic materials, stone coal is a kind of unique vanadium ore resources in our country. Traditional roast picking-up vanadium technology adopted in the recrystallization method and chemical precipitation from leaching liquid extracting vanadium pentoxide, but this method is only suitable for solution with lower content of impurities such as Fe, Al, for the high impurity content of vanadium complex solution, this method have production links, reagent consumption, low purity of product defects. The current main methods of separation and extraction of vanadium pentoxide from acidic solution with solvent extraction and ion exchange method. Two methods from the recovery of vanadium in the solution can have two purposes: one is that low concentration of vanadium get enrichment; The second is the leaching liquid of vanadium from impurities. Each have advantages and disadvantages of two methods, including solvent extraction, with large processing capacity, selectivity, high recovery rate, and low cost, it is more suitable for separation and purification from the complex solution of vanadium pentoxide product.

at present from the extraction of vanadium extraction agent in acidic solution with amine extraction agent and acid extraction agent. The experiments on v vanadium said using solvent for P204, specific experiment is as follows:

1, will be resulted from acid leaching, acid leaching solution is obtained by high temperature 6 hours

2, experiment required extraction agent for two ( 2 - Ethyl hexyl) Phosphate ( P204) , modifier of tributyl phosphate ( 真沸点)

3, adjust PH value, choose extraction CWL50 - zhengzhou days M experimental centrifugal extraction machine, stone coal extract compared with the extracting agent according to certain into centrifugal extraction machine, two phase was achieved by centrifugal force role fully, fast mixing, and then rely on centrifugal quick for two phase separation, the separation of the weight of the two phase through different outlet after the body.

4, organic phase after extracted by reverse extraction section, will be made finished products, vanadium extraction solvent recycling to recycle.

the experimental conclusion is as follows:

in acidic medium of P204 (hdehp) extracting vanadium is cation exchange process, the solution pH rise is good for vanadium extraction, but increased with the solution pH, extraction precipitation increased in the concentrate, vanadium loss rate increased. P20 containing 10%, 5% the TBP and 85% of sulfonated kerosene organic phase as extraction agent, compared the 1:1, initial solution pH value 2. 48 and under the condition of single stage of vanadium extraction rate was 76. 7%, the level 6 countercurrent extraction, vanadium extraction rate was 94. 2%.
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