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Effective substances in traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract fructus lycii

by:Deyuan      2020-09-14
Effective substances in traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract fructus lycii

a, medlar source and efficacy of
' Plant name] Medlar
' English name 】 枸杞子P。 E.
    【 To source 】 From dicotyledonous plants medicine solanaceae plant goji berries or extracted from the ripe fruit of Chinese wolfberry in ningxia.
    【 The resource distribution 】 Chinese wolfberry as the perennial shrub, growth in the soil deep loess river bank and slope. Wild allocated about to the Yellow River in shanxi resources distribution on both sides of the loess plateau, piedmont. Wild medlar quality is times, is now rarely harvest, medicinal for the cultivation. Alternaria alternata ning, central county, in ningxia hui autonomous region has hundreds of years of cultivation history, rich experience, excellent product quality, for more out of the mouth. Tianjin, hebei, Inner Mongolia, henan, gansu, xinjiang and other places also have relatively large areas of cultivation.
    【 Active ingredients 】 Modern analysis showed that the wolfberry fruit contains camp 奍 composition is very rich, each hectogram wolfberry fruit contains protein 4. 49 g, effective component crude fat 2. 33 grams of carbohydrate. 12 grams, carotenoids, 96 mg thiamine 0. 053 mg, riboflavin 0. Ascorbic acid 137 mg, 19. 8 mg, betaine 0. 26 mg, also contains rich potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and other elements, and 22 kinds of amino acids and vitamins. The effective components in Chinese wolfberry polysaccharides.
    【 Quality standard 】 The content of general with LBP.

2, Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract effective substances in medlar
lycium oil, beta Carotene extracting method:
extraction separation technology of Chinese wolfberry polysaccharides extraction methods: extraction and purification of LBP are divided into two steps.

1. Chinese wolfberry is the extraction of crude polysaccharide

2. Is the grading and purification of LBP
the coarse polysaccharide extraction process is as follows: weigh and medlar, had dried pieces with petroleum ether, acetone, 1:1) Reflux degreasing, leaching solvent, the residue dried to 80% alcohol to take off the monosaccharides and oligosaccharides. Will take off the residue after oligosaccharides, such as water in 90 ~ 100 ℃ water soluble polysaccharide, polysaccharide extracts with alcohol precipitation after decompression enrichment, in anhydrous ethanol, acetone precipitation, washing vacuum drying medlar coarse polysaccharide.
coarse polysaccharide grade purification is to the Chinese wolfberry polysaccharide by DEAE cellulose column, with different concentrations of NaCl gradient elution, the eluent of different salt concentrations respectively after decompression enrichment, desalination by dialysis method, not at the same point after freeze drying medlar glycoprotein dehydration, frozen.

3, the research and application status of
in recent years, Chinese wolfberry as a rare resource for medicine combination food has attention by scholars at home and abroad, especially the domestic many scholars in the research field of Chinese wolfberry medlar as chemical composition, structure and function of evaluation for a lot of fruitful work, with modern medical theory and instrument method to research the function of the chemical composition of wolfberry fruit and factor, the data from these studies indicate that medlar not only rich nutrition, and indeed has various health care functions. With isolated from single product ( Pure grade points) LBP ( 枸杞多糖, 1, 2, 3, 4) The function of learning evaluation experiments further show that LBP is medlar has many pharmacological effects of one of the important function of factor. At present is mainly made of the application of food and beverage, such as Chinese wolfberry juice, wolfberry wine, is wider application in the production of Chinese native medicine preparation.

4, using centrifugal extraction machine application of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract the characteristics of the active substance in medlar

(1) to adapt to the strong performance - — Compared with the traditional van and extraction tower equipment, under the effect of centrifugal force, the remaining time is short, split phase quickly, to adapt to the wide range of flow ratio, and processing power; By changing the weir plate and frequency control of motor speed can meet the different density and viscosity of liquid materials;
2 material stock of small - — Two-phase material stock in the equipment is small, short contact time, more suitable for processing because of long time volatile activity and variability of materials such as antibiotics, etc. , of course, individual system needs two phase together contact time long also can operate separately.
(3) high extraction efficiency - — Phase equilibrium set up fast, easy to implement series single stage or multistage counter-current or wrong washing and extraction, high mass transfer efficiency and grade efficiency approaching 100%, stop not to undermine the established after concentration distribution at different levels, can at any time at all levels of sampling, facilitate testing.
(4) to take up the space is little, — Motor direct drive, no transmission attachments, compact structure, save area and operating space, less auxiliary equipment.
5] adaptable - — Not because of the change of the material influence extraction effect, can deal with small difference in density between the viscosity of the system, and has a strong ability of demulsification.
[6] operating performance is good, — Automatic operation, the operation flow ratio range is very wide. Can continuous uninterrupted operation, also can use small batch more varieties; Can be intermittent operation, can be a single run, also may need many sets of series operation according to the craft, unlimited number, installation, operation and maintenance is simple, you need less workers, can significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve working environment, and a parking is convenient, easy to implement online analysis and automatic control, etc. Power can be run. Without the traditional process of high tower transporting fluid.
once continuous counter-current reliability - — Current implementation is imposed by the mixing chamber of the suction force per level, does not need the other set interstage pump. No force during conventional process equipment capacity, prone to flooding, multistage series connection must be set when the interstage pump.
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