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Efficient device for extracting machine of phenol ammonia wastewater

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
1 a CH4 / CO2 reforming catalyst for synthesis gas preparation of
a CH4 / CO2 reforming catalyst preparation method is to syngas carbocoal submerged airtight after soaking in the hydrogen peroxide solution mixture ( A) ; The mixture ( A) Put in airtight reaction kettle (thermal water and after natural cooling, after baking in the oven to get modified semicoke ( B) , will be modified semicoke ( B) Dip in front of the auxiliary body in the solution, drying in nitrogen atmosphere after roasting, the body before get catalyst ( C) ; The body before the catalyst ( C) Reduction in hydrogen atmosphere, the CH4 / CO2 system, reforming the syngas catalyst. The invention catalyst of reactants, good catalytic activity and high selectivity of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, is easy to be industrialized production, can be applied to methane, carbon dioxide reforming reaction, reaction of raw gas from coke oven gas and gasification gas, to realize the energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon production has the vital significance.

the invention discloses a kind of adding nanometer zinc oxide modified emulsion of polyvinyl formal acetal its characteristics is made by the weight of the raw material preparation: poly vinyl acetate vinegar - 90 The 92-93, methanol 93, 9 - sulfate May 10, formaldehyde. 1 - 5. 2, 30 - acetaldehyde 32, 1 - dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium 2, the sodium hydroxide 1 - 1. 2, potassium hydroxide 1. 1, 420 - water , nano zinc oxide 4-440 1-6, talc powder 2; The invention by reducing the two-step reaction method of separation, drying process etc, pay attention to the technological process, control of reaction time, pH value, etc, the energy consumption of production, save the cost; Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid is added in the reaction, the nano zinc oxide, talc powder grinding after added to the reaction, can make the emulsion dispersed evenly, at the same time enhance the strength, wear resistance of the product; The invention emulsion resin, which can be used to make electronic appliances dedicated paint, enameled wire paint, etc.
2。 A new type of lignite gasification system and method of
the invention discloses a kind of new lignite gasification system and method includes gasifier, catalytic reforming, condenser, separator, a gasifier from top to bottom is divided into upper area, middle area and lower area, between the upper region and central region with reducing, the upper area with open the bottom of the inner cylinder, space for secondary within the cylinder of the dry area, central area for gasification area, lower area for warehouse storage slag and slag discharge mouth; Gasifier has a gasifier at the top of the nozzle, and the spiral feeder and air medium dry separation device connection, side wall is equipped with high temperature gas inlet and air outlet and gasification agent entry; The outlet and separator, catalytic reforming, condenser connected in turn. The organic combination of dry sorting, drying, mild gasification, with water saving, energy saving, high gasification efficiency and quality of the product gas, can be used for lignite and mild gasification of high reactive carbon materials, used for efficient production of the gas, water gas and synthetic gas.

the present invention provides a kind of phenol ammonia wastewater treatment plant, including: a pretreatment, secondary biochemical treatment, three sections of deep processing; A preprocessing including oil separation, gravity oil/water separation, ceramic filter, steamed ammonia, extraction dephenolizing process; Secondary biochemical treatment, including catalytic oxidation, air flotation, hydrolysis acidification, A/O biochemistry, coagulation precipitation, mechanical filtration process; Three sections of deep treatment including ozone catalytic oxidation, activated carbon filtration, ultrafiltration membrane filtration, RO reverse osmosis technology, a pretreatment, secondary biochemical treatment, three sections of deep processing through the PLC control system, realize the complete system fully automated operation. This pioneering invention to solve the gas treatment of wastewater containing phenol ammonia problem of chemical engineering, at the same time also has the recyclability, compact structure, high return on investment, stable operation, high automation degree, etc.
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