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Efficient oil/water separation equipment research

by:Deyuan      2020-09-04
Gravity settling tank high efficiency separator is the main device. Oil-water two phase medium on the basis of different density of gravity is different also, in the gravity settling tank will appear oil-water two phase stratified flow, density of smaller oil by precipitation tank overflow plate upside is weir flow into the tubing; Denser sewage by settling at the bottom of the tank into the outlet pipe. Using gravity settling tank for oil water separation of main advantage is:
( 1) Simple structure, no moving parts;
    ( 2) Flow resistance is small, the system pressure loss mainly appear in the inlet and fluid flow export parts, separation process flow resistance can be ignored;
    ( 3) Initial investment is small, the use of low maintenance cost:
( 4) Gravity settling tank wall wear and tear is small, because the flow rate is low, does not exist between fluid and tank wall large scour phenomenon;
    ( 5) Can handle big flow of oil-water mixture.
the major drawback of the device;
    ( 1) Covers an area of big;
( 2) Generally need to be supplemented by heat or chemicals, on demulsification and viscosity.
2 gravity settler
the above analyzing characteristics of the oil-water separation of oil-water two-phase medium in the motion analysis of gravity settling chamber, a free settling and freely suspended assumption, and does not take into account the influence of turbulence pulsation, and the results can not fully reflect the actual process of complex movement of the fluid. The design characteristics of high efficiency separator makes the fluid flow and two phase separation has its unique separation effect. Efficient oil-water separation devices research
first, adopted the maze of rectifier board entry form, the turbulence of fluid are greatly reduced, and the flow inside the mainstream tend to level, streamline flatten out, is conducive to the separation of two phase fluid.
second, improve the heating area, will make the heating coil to sedimentation tank in the upper, that is close to the oil accumulation. Can make crude oil heat up so fast, is conducive to quickly reduce the viscosity of crude oil, reduced the crude oil for the settlement of water resistance.
in the sewage on the outlet pipe of setting the flow control device, which is beneficial to maintain relative stability of the oil-water interface, reduce the influence of the impact of fluid flow on the oil-water separation process. Efficient oil/water separation equipment research
the settlement of oil-water two phase medium separation process is a complex physical phenomena, turbulence and collision between droplets, gathered themselves together, and it is only through very carefully the basis of experiment, some regular conclusions can be attained. Turbulent flow on the one hand, complicate the oil-water separation process, influence the separation effect, 'on the other hand and produce more of the collision between droplets, the large droplets, and made it possible to separate. So in the performance of high efficiency separator test, need to get the external characteristic parameters of separator, determine the oil-water separator separation ability according to specific situation. Efficient oil/water separation equipment research
3. Hydrocyclone oil-water separation study
in high oil-water hydrocyclone separation, it with the traditional free water dehydrator, gravity sedimentation, compared to the equipment such as air flotation electric dehydration it has simple structure, small volume, light weight, no moving parts, high separation efficiency and short processing time ( Only for a few seconds) Wait for a characteristic, is a new, high efficient and energy-saving separation equipment, oil-water separation system in oilfield is more and more attention.
the basic working principle of hydrocyclone based design and put forward more than one hundred years, but it was not until after the second world war was effectively applied to industrial production. First used in the mineral processing and mining industry, and then gradually applied in chemical industry, petroleum industry, light industry, environmental protection, food, medicine, textile and many other industries.
the application of hydrocyclone including solid-liquid separation, liquid gas separation, solid solid separation, liquid-liquid separation, liquid gas solid phase separation, and other applications at the same time. Hydrocyclone separation as the basic working principle of grading equipment is based on the centrifugal sedimentation. When to separate two phase mixture at a certain pressure from above the hydrocyclone around the tangential after entering in, produce strong rotation, the phase density difference, light and heavy by centrifugal force, the centripetal buoyancy and fluid drag force of different size, the centrifugal sedimentation, most of the heavy phase after the cyclone bottom LiuKou discharge, whereas most of the light phase of the overflow mouth eduction, so as to achieve separation. The diameter of the single hydrocyclone can generally from 10 mm to 2. 5 m, most of the separation of the solid particle size can be from 2 to 250 microns, single hydrocyclone processing power range is commonly 0. After 1 ~ 7200 m/h, its operating pressure is in commonly 0. In 034-06 mpa range, usually smaller diameter hydrocyclone operating at higher pressure. Efficient oil-water separation devices research
a large number of applications in the long-term practice, hydrocyclone shows some outstanding advantages:
( 1) Simple structure, low cost, easy to install and operate, requires little maintenance and ancillary equipment;
    ( 2) Small volume and large processing capacity, can save the space;
    ( 3) Vortex exists in the high shear force, can destroy the interparticle cohesion, is advantageous to the classification of solid phased particles and washing;
    ( 4} Wide range of USES, can complete the liquid clarification, slurry concentration, solid particles grading, classification and washing, degassing of liquid and desanding and the miscibility of liquid separation, etc.
in the industrial technology with each passing day today, hydrocyclone is also gradually developed in the sense of separation equipment with high technology.
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