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Employment indicators yellen favorite JOLTS climbing better than expected in June

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On Wednesday, the U. S. department of labor data show that the JOLTS vacancies in June 562. 558 40000, higher than expected. In may, 80000, numerical correction from 5. 5 million to 551. 40000 people. JOLTS data are fed chairman yellen paid close attention to the Labour market indicators, today's data suggest that America's Labour market continues to recover.

the JOLTS vacancies in June 562. 40000, expectations for 558. In may, 80000, numerical revised upward from 5. 5 million to 551. 40000 people. In April this year, JOLTS vacancy number hit a record high, up to 5. 84 million.

in June, there are 5. 13 million people obtain employment, it more than over 5. 05 million people in May. Previously, employment has fallen for three consecutive months. But compared with a year ago, June employment or year-on-year decline.

the number of independent departure in June of 2. 91 million, less than before, but almost is nearly two times of trough in the economic crisis. Autonomous departure number, the better, the more it on behalf of the people to have confidence in the labor market, so leave your current position.

although JOLTS data & other than non-agricultural employment, the federal reserve's new index; Labor market conditions & throughout; Lagging indicators such as a month, the fed chairman yellen still regard them as important index reflect labor market efficiency and employee confidence. The report mainly includes: job vacancies, employment, layoffs, autonomous departure and other important indicators.

recently, the United States released a series of Labour market indicators:

the U. S. department of labor, according to data released new jobs in July 25. 50000 people, the better than expected 180000 people; New employment population from 28 June. 70000 to 29. 20000 people. On July 4 unemployment. 9%, worse than 4. 8% of the expected, with the June data. In July average hourly earnings rose by 2. 6%, in line with expectations.

the federal reserve, according to data released July U. S. employment market conditions index ( 劳动力市场状况指数,LMCI) For the numerical from - 1, 6 month 1. Corrected to - 9 0. 1.
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