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Employment is still strong, non-farm payrolls rose 25. 50000

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The new 25 July. 50000 non-farm jobs, higher than market expectations of an increase of 180000; The unemployment rate remain at 4. 9% level remains unchanged, the U - of the fed's concern 6 the unemployment rate rose 0. 1 percentage points to 9. 7%; Employment participation rate was 0 up last month. By 1% to 62. 8%.

meanwhile wage growth figures released by the relatively strong: the United States on July 8 cents to 25 average hourly earnings growth. The $69 / hour, rose 0. 0 3%, higher than the market expected. 2% and former value of 0. 1%. In July average weekly working hours in 0. 1 hour to 34. 5 hours.

the labor department on slightly built in the first two months of non-agricultural data: the 28 June employment. 7 on the universal correction to 29. In May 20000, employment by 1. In 10000 to 2. 40000. After the correction, according to data from the United States in May and June 1 more employment than previously estimated. 80000, over the past three months, the average of 19 non-farm payrolls. 00000.

component, according to data from the United States department of the government of new 3 July. 80000 non-farm jobs, the private sector added 21. 70000 non-farm jobs. Private sector categories basically has realized the job growth in the industry, but this month to further reduce the 0 mining and logging industry. 70000 jobs, the industry employment dropped by 26% since 2014 highs, the cumulative cut 220000 jobs. Other industry, professional and business services jobs 7. 00000, the new employment other profession; New employment 4 leisure and hospitality industry. 50000; 3 education and health services industry to increase employment. 60000; Retail jobs 1. 470000; 1 the financial industry of new employment. 80000; Transportation and warehousing industry new employment 1. 170000; 1 the construction of new employment. 40000; For the market focus on manufacturing increased 0. 90000 jobs, compared with the previous one month down.

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