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Etching liquid extraction to extract recovery of heavy metals copper, nickel technology is introduced Industry information - extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
The circuit board after etching, etching liquid contains a lot of copper, the copper has the very high collection value.

1, etching liquid and the method of copper and recycling

copper etching liquid recovery methods mainly including extraction method, metal replacement method, electrolytic reduction method, through the extraction technology of solvent extraction method can effectively isolate copper ion in waste liquid, the copper recovery, waste recycled high economic value, recovery effect is good.

2, solvent extraction, the process of copper in the recycling of acid etching liquid

extraction, extraction agent will be in the form of copper chloride complexes of copper extracted from acidic etching waste liquid, two phase separation after get extraction residue;
wash: water elution, ammonia or ammonium sulfate solution containing copper chloride in organic phase;
extraction, and then use reverse extraction organic phase containing copper sulfate, get the copper sulfate solution regeneration:
with chlorine ions in the aqueous solution of renewable organic phase, and back extraction of duan extraction

3, extraction is the key equipment - — Centrifugal extraction machine

etching liquid extraction equipment mainly includes: centrifugal extraction machine, extraction settler, the extraction tower. Among them, the extraction of zhengzhou new. cwl - launched in recent years M is currently widely used centrifugal extraction machine, the series of centrifugal extraction machine large capacity, high extraction efficiency, can continuous operation, good separation effect, resistance to acid and alkali environment.

4, extraction technology advantage

( 1) The method of recycling copper purity of 99. 95%, high economic value;
  ( 2) The technology of extraction solution regeneration and completed at the same time, the preparation of copper sulfate solution has the international advanced level, no waste gas, waste residue, waste water and so on, truly the resources recycling, do the cleaner production.
  ( 3) Won't destroy after extraction of copper waste liquid in the extraction liquid ingredients, at the same time, after reducing copper etching waste etching solution need to add a little salt and ammonia, standard can be recycled.
  ( 4) Which is simple and practical, easy operation, low cost, is a kind of PCB enterprise etching wastewater treatment and recycling of copper effective method, and has application value.
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