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Extracted from nitric acid system, zirconium and hafnium with tributyl phosphate operation effect

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Zirconium and hafnium is important strategic material, zirconium and hafnium compounds are widely used in the many fields of national economy, national defense construction, especially in the field of nuclear industry and modern ceramics have very important purposes. Zirconium and hafnium are always associated in the nature together, must be the separation can be made atomic energy level zirconium and hafnium atomic energy level.

the current domestic for zirconium and hafnium separation using solvent extraction on extraction separation. Mainly in the wet extraction with tributyl phosphate as extractants, its advantage lies in the separation factor is high, less reagent input, extraction of large capacity.

in the process of operation, the zirconium chloride ( Hafnium) Acyl industrial products and water dissolved solution, alkaline precipitation after water washing to remove chloride ion, and then dissolved with nitric acid was prepared zirconium nitrate ( Hafnium) The acid solution, then tributyl phosphate, diluted with sulfonated kerosene was extraction agent. A two-phase solution according to certain proportion into the centrifugal extraction machine, with the aid of the rotation of the drum, through the impeller the two-phase mixing and dispersing quickly, and complete the mixing and mass transfer process. After mixing liquid under the action of vortex disk into the rotary drum, in under the action of centrifugal force, two phase fluid fast separation and through different export eduction body, to complete the two phase separation process.

after repeated extraction experiment, using tributyl phosphate from nitric acid system for extraction solvent extraction separation, zirconium and hafnium process stability, no emulsification phenomenon and three-phase, atomic energy level can be obtained zirconium and hafnium atomic energy level. In practice, after 10 countercurrent extraction countercurrent washing, level 3, level 3 countercurrent extraction process, high purity can be obtained from organic products.

add appropriate concentration of sodium nitrate in extraction system of zirconium extraction, extraction residual water extraction liquid phase can be directly returned, recycling. Extraction process parameters on the basis of reliable and suitable for industrial application of the extraction phase of hafnium in purified water, to meet the requirements of the impurity level atomic hafnium for zirconium and hafnium can be used for the preparation of atomic energy level.
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