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Extracting equipment caprolactam production process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
Caprolactam is one of the important basic organic raw material, extracting equipment caprolactam production process is long, chemical reaction, more complex process control starting materials are mostly of benzene, and phenol, toluene, etc.
extraction equipment extracting caprolactam production process is one of the main steps of caprolactam separation of refined, the first is coarse extracting caprolactam in benzene, benzene - were isolated Caprolactam solution, to remove most of the benzene insoluble impurities and water in benzene - again Caprolactam solution for the extraction and separation for caprolactam solution, removal of benzene soluble impurities, in addition to using benzene extraction of ammonium sulfate solution to recovery of caprolactam.
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