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Extracting equipment in wet metallurgy industry in lanthanum oxide

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
Lanthanum oxide ( La2O3) Is one of the important products of light rare earth. Because of its good physical and chemical properties, therefore, in the civil and military and high-tech areas such as application is good. As in the rare earth glass, ceramics, catalyst, phosphors, lasers, heating element, cathode materials and electrical contacts the aspects of application development, good prospects.
in the 1950 s began to develop La2O3 in our country, and can provide a small amount of products to meet the needs of military industry. In the 1960 s has been successfully developed using solvent extraction ( If use the TBP, P - And P - 350 204 extraction agent) Production of pure La2O3 products, and reach into t size to meet user needs. 70 s ~ 80 s of the 20th century, our country adopt better extractant ( P - 507). , rare earth extraction separation technology has entered a mature stage, and it can produce more La2O3 meet the needs of the market both at home and abroad. Since the 1990 s, China's production of La2O3 reached the scale of industrial production level, and can be a lot in the production of various grades of La2O3. Besides can provide domestic users, but also a large number of export, and foreign market sales is growing.
producing lanthanum oxide materials
( 1) Lanthanum, cerium chloride ( Contain REO - 45%,La2O338%) 。 It is made of baotou rare earth concentrate ( Contain REO - 50%,La2O325%) As the raw material, sulfuric acid roasting method or caustic decomposition method, after the transformation of the mixed rare earth chloride solution, using P - again The extraction separation to remove heavy rare earths in 507 ( SmY) Received, praseodymium and neodymium chloride lanthanum plutonium.
    ( 2) Lanthanum cerium praseodymium chloride ( Contain REO - 45%,La2O387%) 。 Sichuan fluorocarbon cerium concentrate ( Contain REO - 50%,La2O332%) , after oxidizing roasting chemical method was used to extract the cerium, P - 50 extraction separation of samarium europium gadolinium secure lanthanum cerium and neodymium praseodymium chloride.
    ( 3) Lanthanum cerium praseodymium neodymium chloride ( Contain REO - 45%,La2O348%) 。 It USES the south ionic rare earth concentrate ( Contain REO - 92%,La2O326%) P - after hydrochloric acid decomposition 507 extraction to remove samarium europium gadolinium and lanthanum neodymium chloride.

chemical separation technology and equipment, including crystallization or distribution of the precipitation distribution. The former is the use of rare earth complex salt solubility difference between separation and made pure lanthanum oxide ( 99. 99%) 。 The latter is based on rare earth by oxide precipitation degrees between different extraction of lanthanum oxide> 90%. Process. Low recovery rate, the two methods, the cost is high, in the industrial production has been eliminated.
extraction separation process, including the use of the TBP, P - 350,P - And P - 240 507 such as extraction solvent for extraction of lanthanum oxide. After 10 years of industry time show that the P - 507 extractant advantages producing lanthanum oxide ( Such as good extraction selectivity, high distribution coefficient, high yield and low cost etc)
with lanthanum cerium chloride as raw material, using saponification p - 507 for extracting agent. The configuration of the rare earth solvent and p - 507 cerium fractional extraction in the extraction tank, washing, after extraction was pure cerium liquid, made by oxalic acid precipitation and calcination CeO2 products. And more than extraction liquid ( Lanthanum liquid) With p - Lanthanide lanthanum 507 extraction and reverse extraction, precipitation and calcination process, made of pure lanthanum oxide products.
main equipment: mixing tank, mixer settler, sedimentation tank, calcination furnace and packing machine, etc.
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