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Extracting equipment of nickel and cobalt in the solid waste separation

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
Extracting equipment of nickel and cobalt in the solid waste separation process is first to various kinds of alloy scrap melting into the anode, and the electrolysis. A diaphragm electrolytic cell, the use of PVC hard plastic electrolytic cell division, the anode chamber colorful two parts, with stainless steel as the board production nickel plate. Chloride solution was used as the electrolyte to N235 extraction solvent extraction removal impurities.
after N235 extraction, extraction of copper, zinc content in liquid more can meet the requirements of the production side of nickel, cobalt removal rate is affected by chloride ion concentration is very large, generally can conform to the requirements, the remaining trace cobalt and iron in general continue to in the process of chlorine in addition to lead removal, when using organic instead extraction process with aqueous solution containing the NaCl reoccupy after extraction copper and cobalt were rare - H2SO4 extraction iron and zinc. While the extraction equipment in the solid waste nickel and cobalt extraction separation process will be completed.
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