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Extracting equipment - Reverse extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
Extracting equipment - Reverse extraction process as a unit process of hydrometallurgy, now have better development, in its early years of development, the use of less extraction device type, ordinary extraction tank ( Mixer settler) And extraction tower, along with the increasing application of extraction, the type and amount of extraction equipment has greatly increased, now, in the selection of extraction equipment extraction - Reverse extraction process need to seriously consider to make a decision, when it requires understanding the chemical and physical properties of the extraction process and considering the overall economic benefits in terms of equipment and the type of problem, to adapt to the material throughput, solution and the type of solvent, dynamics and balance, dispersion and aggregation, solvent loss, corrosion, series and site specific conditions, such as available.
now in industry, can be mixed from early scoop simple clarifier, the many kinds of stirring extraction tower, the new extraction tank ( Mixer settler) , as well as. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine to choose. Source:
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