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Extracting machine supplier will teach you how to correctly choose machine

by:Deyuan      2020-07-25

it is well known that extraction machine can implement component separation and mass transfer separation process, the use of the principle of similar compatible to most of the compounds in a certain solvent extracted, quality assured of extracting machine supplier to launch a variety of equipment widely used in medicine, food and biological products industry, the following extracting machine suppliers to teach people how to correctly choose machine. A trusted, and extraction rate of the equipment in the series of the capacity of extraction machine supplier tell you if the equipment is small, and the extraction series and is not high, can choose no extra energy extraction machine, and if the series high and equipment capacity is big, that is about to choose the efficiency factor of extraction machine, also can choose high efficient extraction machine or centrifugal extraction tower. Two, see the extraction system of the nature of the well-known extraction machine supplier said if extraction system volatile, or there is radioactive and other harmful gases, liquids, should choose sealed performance is good protection at the same time more convenient extraction machine, if slow extraction process of chemical reaction, is not suitable to choose short mixing time of extraction machine, extraction machine supplier also mentioned if chemical extraction system is not stable, should choose short residence time of extraction machine. Three, the operating conditions and environment extraction machine suppliers to remind everybody if it is under the environment of high temperature extraction operation, be about to choose stainless steel extraction machine, because of its special structural design, can not only adapt to the special extraction system, also can well adapt to the environment of high temperature, extraction machine supplier also said that if the operation environment corrosion resistance is large, is suitable to choose all plastic with good corrosion resistance of extraction machine. In addition, service good reputable extraction machine supplier recommended when the choice to see overall economic effect, depends on its special characteristics and advantages and focus on the price, and some requirements for extraction machine and its to achieve an ideal standard, short extraction machine supplier I hope everyone can choose to a solid, good performance and economic and reasonable extraction machine equipment.
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