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Extraction and separation of vanadium ore - vanadium metal equipment Process - Method resolution

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
A source, vanadium metal

vanadium metal sources mainly include: shale, fly ash and waste catalyst containing vanadium and vanadium slag, etc.

2, process of vanadium extraction and separation line

extracting vanadium adopt traditional sodium roasting - Water - Acid precipitation - Alkali soluble - Ammonium salt precipitation - Partial ammonium vanadate pyrolysis process, because of the existence of the toxic gas such as hydrogen chloride, chlorine gas pollution, the problem of lower total recovery rate, adopt the technology of small companies have closed down.

new process of vanadium extraction and separation of metal - — Wet leaching process method, was adopted by more and more enterprises. This process is mainly for: containing vanadium materials - — Leaching - — Purification of enrichment - — Heavy vanadium - — Vanadium pentoxide product.

vanadium leaching liquid with low pH, high content of impurity ions is much and etc. So, the third step - — Purification of enrichment is critical. If not after purification of enrichment, directly on the leaching liquid sink vanadium, precipitation rate is only 80% ~ 90%, and the high concentration of impurities in the sediment, late to purify and vanadium has brought great trouble. And steps to deal with vanadium directly for extraction and separation of acid dipping, if separation, removing impurities, respectively, and then sink vanadium, the purification process complex, large amount of reagent to join, and vanadium pentoxide loss is big, up to as high as 15%.

3, containing vanadium metal pickling liquid purification of enrichment method classification

1, chemical precipitation method. The method is simple in operation and low cost. The disadvantage is that: high requirements for the concentration of vanadium, alkali consumption big, impurity separation not thoroughly.

2, ion exchange. The environmental protection, efficient and renewable. The disadvantage is that: long operation period, low adsorption efficiency and extraction effect is influenced by the impurity ions.
3, solvent extraction. Show the method is fast, good selectivity.

recovery of vanadium from the acidic leaching liquid, extraction method is more suitable for, USES the enrichment of extraction can make the lower concentration of vanadium pentoxide ( From several enrichment to g/L g/L) , thus to sink vanadium and vanadium in the leaching liquid and the vast majority of impurity separation and purification steps instead.

core extraction solvent extraction equipment mainly includes traditional extraction tank and a new type of centrifugal extraction equipment. Area than traditional extraction tank because there was big, the equipment packing, sealing is bad to the disadvantages of bad operation environment, gradually by centrifugal extraction equipment - — Efficient centrifugal extraction machine.

company launched. cwl - zhengzhou extraction M series centrifugal extraction machine is developed aiming at the disadvantages of traditional centrifugal extraction machine, the fourth generation of products with independent intellectual property rights and patent number: ZL2014205865573, the centrifugal extraction machine has saved the time is short, split phase quickly, the advantages of high extraction efficiency, save the investment cost. Compared with the traditional centrifugal extraction machine,. cwl - M series centrifugal extraction machine performance advantage mainly include:

( 1) Equipment capacity, low power consumption, The same processing conditions, its power consumption is a traditional annular structure of centrifugal extraction machine - 1/10 A third) ;
  ( 2) Hanging on the single fulcrum structure, no at the bottom of the bearing and mechanical seal, free maintenance;
  ( 3) Corrosion resistance is strong, can achieve continuous operation and intermittent operation;
  ( 4) Combined structure is optional, can be applied to easily emulsifying system;
  ( 5) High degree of automation, good operating environment, etc.

4, vanadium extraction processes of metals

a vanadium ore production enterprises in henan adopted the vanadium extraction purification enrichment acid dipping, has obtained the good application effect.

technical route: vanadium acid leaching liquid - Reduction - P204 extraction - Sulfuric acid stripping - Heavy vanadium oxide

material system: P204 + 15% to 10% the TBP + 75% kerosene extraction system

extraction agent: 1. 5 mol/L sulfuric acid solution as the extraction agent

extraction effect: the process of product, its quality reaches GB3283 - 87 standard of metallurgy, 99, during the processing of vanadium recovery � � � 93. 2%.
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