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Extraction equipment design features

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Extraction equipment design features: liquid-liquid extraction process of two phase density is small, the viscosity of continuous phase, two phase axial backmixing, complex interface phenomenon, thus the calculation of the characteristics of the extraction equipment design is more difficult, because there are so many factors affecting extraction process and one of a number of factors have not yet been fully understood. Most of the available data in the experiment of small measurement, usually consider extraction equipment to design characteristics of the experimental equipment is only a few inches in diameter and several feet high. , therefore, the relationship can only be used for rough estimation, when the design must be sufficient leeway.
and distillation and absorption compared to the gas-liquid mass transfer processes such as extraction equipment design method is not mature enough, and there are some different features: 1. System property is the important factors that affect the design, often due to the extraction equipment in high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosion, strong radioactive or operating conditions such as inflammable, explosive. So under the condition of the operating system property is difficult to measure or estimate. So the data is often get reliable system of object extraction equipment design process is an important and difficult work.
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