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Extraction equipment design requirements

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Extraction equipment design requirements need according to the requirements of the given processing capacity and separation to calculate and determine the extraction equipment design requirements of main dimensions, and the accessory equipment such as mixer or liquid distributor so on component design request. Liquid-liquid extraction process balance is generally more complex, and there are some special problems such as partial miscibility. Therefore, the theory of series of extraction equipment design requirements or mass transfer unit number of calculation is more complicated.
extraction equipment design requirement condition:
1. According to the composition of raw materials, processing, and the selected solvent, to determine the design conditions, the dosage of the solvent and the selected dispersed phase, the need to consider many factors when choosing the dispersed phase, for example, in order to achieve maximum phase interface area, material by liquid phase should be dispersed phase two, in order to obtain larger, should choose a smaller viscosity phase as a continuous phase, in order to obtain high mass transfer rate, the viscosity of dispersed phase should not too high and molecular diffusion coefficient is higher, and some special requirements such as from preventing emulsification, sometimes need to choose organic phase as the continuous equal.
2。 Operating temperature and pressure under the two phase properties such as density, viscosity and interfacial tension and molecular diffusion coefficient, etc. They have important influence on the performance of the extraction equipment.
3。 The type of the selected extraction equipment.
4。 System stability, corrosion resistance and toxicity of engineering design of the required information.
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