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Extraction equipment double solvent organic industrial wastewater treatment process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-13
The double solvent extraction equipment organic industrial wastewater treatment process is one of the extraction organic industrial wastewater treatment process, another method for general process. Figure 3 - 17 - 7 shows the general flow process, wastewater by solvent extraction equipment, the most difficult degradation of pollutants are removed. Extraction raffinate mainly contains some not being solvent extraction of other pollutants and dissolved, then after dealing with the second national standards. Adoption of a certain solvent regeneration method for the difficult degradable pollutant load for regeneration, regeneration after solvent recycle, solute can be recycled. Figure 3 -
18 - 8 is extraction equipment double solvent organic industrial wastewater treatment process. Wastewater after a polar solvent extraction to remove most of the refractory pollutants, then through volatilization solvent extraction and recovery of a polar solvent in extraction process of dissolved in the waste water. Two extraction wastewater after further emissions after the second treatment standard for chemical oxidation, load the solute solute polar solvent after regeneration recycling, polar solvent recycle. Polar solvent and the mixture of volatile solvent recycle after separation.
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