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Extraction equipment expected to extract more flavonoids

by:Deyuan      2020-07-25

record book 'American clinical nutrition', according to a study by a Dutch experts led people to participate in the experiment, the results show that the ml green tea drink per day, the incidence of heart disease is half the people who don't drink green tea. Only/fatal heart disease. And the important cause of this situation is the green tea contains flavonoids, which are beneficial to the human body. Flavonoids refers to two phenolic hydroxyl benzene ring ( A - And the B - Ring) Through the central three carbon atoms and interconnected into a series of compounds, its are basic for the parent nucleus - Phenyl ketone of the original. Early at the beginning of the century s, Europe a medicinal chemists in the research of lemon peel ethanol extract accidentally get a white crystalline, named it 'vitamin P'. Animal experiments confirmed: vitamin P ascorbic effect is better than a vitamin C. Years later, the scientists found further: vitamin P, in fact, a kind of mixture composed of flavonoids, rather than a single material. Different molecular structure of flavonoids, efficacy is multi-faceted: flavonoids can be used as a food additive or directly used in the food to increase its health care function; As a kind of strong oxidant, can prevent cell degeneration, aging, also can prevent the occurrence of cancer; Flavonoids in stabilizing collagen, embrittlement of diabetic retinopathy and capillary has a very good role. With the development of the society, people have realized the importance of flavonoids, and applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing: vinegar of flavonoids can be effective treatment of ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial ischemia, chronic cardiac insufficiency, hyperlipidemia, prevention of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, etc; In accordance with the general flavonoids can significantly inhibit bone mineral density, bone strength and thyroid hormone decline, but also has increased bone mass, promote the secretion of calcitonin and inhibitory effect of the number of osteoclast, used in the treatment of osteoporosis; Hydrochloride tablets, applicable to the frequency, urgency, urine pain, dysuria and urinary incontinence symptoms; Ethoxy flavonoids is suitable for the treatment of chronic coronary insufficiency, angina pectoris, long-term use can prevent myocardial infarction, and glycerin share, for the improvement of subjective symptom effect is better. Even though the flavonoid compounds exist widely in plant kingdom, rational and effective use, but if need equipment to be extracted. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment with simple technology advantages of non-toxic, anti-oxidation and mild operation condition, is widely used on the extraction of flavonoids. Under the low operation pressure, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method can effectively extract of ginkgo biloba medicinal active ingredients - — Flavonoids and terpene fat, including flavonoids content is more than %, terpene, the fat content in more than % and toxic substances in ginkgo biloba ginkgo phenolic acids content of well control. We at ordinary times by eating grapes, onion, broccoli, red wine, drink more green tea and other ways to get flavonoids, as a supplement of the body, but the body can't synthesis, and soon in vivo metabolism, such far from beneficial intake intake level. Now, therefore, should strengthen the understanding of flavonoids, make clear the function of the different molecular structure of flavonoids, accelerate the development and utilization of plant resources, produce with the treatment and prevention of diseases drugs and natural health products, in order to better protect human life and health.
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